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    she may not make it

    Hi all just wanted you all to know Bendew is at the vets her meds did not keep her from having her fits today when it was over she could not stand, and did not respond to my voice we have rushed her to het vet. they are tryin to get her to respond but do not give much hope at this time. I will...
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    epilepsy and seizures

    she is doing good Hi this is Teri and Bendew the vet put her on phinobarb 32.5 mg tab 1 and a half pills tow times a day we tried to lower it but she got worse:( so he had us up it again, it is like clock work to give it to her .she knowes when it is time ,we got her at the local shelter 7...
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    have we got a date? hi guys this is Teri just wanted to know if we have a date for our next get together?plz let us know:p :D
  4. W boxer keeps throwing up

    so how goes it ? Hi this is Teri just read your post hoe is your 4 legged family member? i hope your boxer is better plz let us know and let me know what it was, my sis in law had the same problem with her boxer ,so plz let us know how she is now . thankx Teri
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    this sounds good Hi guys yes October sounds good for us we cant waite to see yall there we had a realy good time at the last one even tho our girl is old she does love being around the other boxers and there peeps,as we did too.partyicon ;)
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    love the pics ok guys so when is the next bash for us? we cant wait we loved the last one and cant wait till the next plz let us know when.and the pics are realy good.thank you all that were there .:D partyicon
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    looking with no luck

    hi thought yall might could help we have been trying to contact the dallas boxer rescue with no luck we would love to adopt but cant find any close to us.if you can help plz let us know.thank you teri in corsicana texas thats near waco.:(
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    TX-Young male in Cedar Hill kill shelter

    did you find him a home hi this is teri in texas did you find the boxer that was in the kill shelter a home ?we are looking to adopt but this would be good too plz let us know.soon if you can.
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    can we start planing for the next one Hi to all our new Texas friends we realy loved the plano bash so when is the next one? we hope to have our new member of the family in the next few is it to early to start planing for our next bash?plz let me know when would be a good time for...
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    loved it lets do it again when it gets cooler Hi all this is Teri and Bendew in Texas , we loved the plano get together. thanks to all thoes that came.what do yall think about doing it again when it cools off some ?that way our old girl can stay longer.let me know ok!smashicon
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    looking for friends in Texas

    Hi all this is Teri and Bendew the boxer in Texas.wanted to know if there are more boxer lovers in our area that like to chat and keep in touch if so let us know,we would love tohear from you.fiesta1ico
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    we can't wait Hi all this is Teri and Bendew in Texas , we are looking forward to meeting you all at the glad we did'nt miss itfiestaicon
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    need help in finding the park !!!!! Hi guys it is Teri And Bendew the boxer. we are kinda new to the area plz help us to find the park we live in corsicana, we would love to come play with all the dogs. will there be any boxers there that are as old as mine she is 8 years old just want to make...
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    Urinated on my bed! HELP

    oh no wee-wee on the bed hi this is teri and bendew the boxer in texas, i have seen males do that if they were upset with mom and dad, but to be safe you might want your vet to see him if he does it a gain.sorry if thats not much help. good luck.
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    would love to join a shin dig hi this is teri in texas corsicana. we would to be able to get into some kind of play date .is any one close to waco it is only 45 min from us.plz let us know.Bendew loves other dogs mostly other boxers and has none to play with.thanks teri and bendew in texas