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    Gdogs 9 th b'day

    Happy belated 9th Birthday. Sounds like you had fun. X
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    I am sorry for your loss.
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    Billy just turned 10!

    Hello, I haven't posted much since moving back to the UK, although I have been reading posts! Billy has slowed down lots over the past year or so. His arthritis has spread to his front legs now, he has a few fatty lumps and bumps - but he is still the best. Happy 10th Birthday Billy.
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    Trying to get my boxer boys to UK this summer

    Hi I moved my boy from Los Angeles to the UK in June 2009. You should be able to find my info in past threads. I flew direct with British Airways and it all went well. I needed to start prepping 6 months in advance to avoid Quarantine - I guess you have all this in hand if you plan on...
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    Sharing our Boy

    Thanks Johann I know not all family break-ups are like ours, but the children and Billy are our priorities. The children say that I will miss Billy the most!! Moving day is next week - Wish us luck!!
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    Sharing our Boy

    Thanks twodogs, you have eased my mind. I figured he would be fine as he tends to mope around when the kids are not around to amuse him. My ex is actually staying in the family home, so he doesn't have 2 new homes to get used to. He has a couple of beds in his home at present so I will be...
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    Sharing our Boy

    Hello everyone has been a while since I posted on here. Billy just turned 9 and is doing great, although he is a little slower and a lot greyer!! I am getting divorced, no biggie - remain great friends with my ex, just drifted apart unfortunately. We are happily sharing childcare...
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    Dante is Coming Home After all!

    Fantastic news. Enjoy and post photos soon please.
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    He's just 'off' (long, sorry)

    I would like to 2nd Rescue Remedy. I used it in Billy's water when we flew from LAX to the UK - I'm sure it helped him.
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    Fungal or cancer in lungs??!!

    So sorry to hear your sad news. Run free now Jake.
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    Plexidor Problem

    I sent the human kids through first!! I seriously did, they had some beef treats with them, they went through to the garden, laughing and joking. Billy was soon shooting through all by himself!! Good luck
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    Something you found helpful after CCL Repair surgery

    I second the massaging of the whole leg. Billy got an infection and his leg swelled massively - it was at least 3 times the size!! Even with his infection he LOVED a massage. Ramps - to go in and out for toilet breaks. Stair-gates - everywhere, to help contain him but as I only have 1 dog...
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    International travel

    ^^^ this. I would thououghly check this information and also info regarding returning the the USA. Billy traveled from California to UK, 11 hour flight time. No, it was not fun for him - but it was that or he was send back to the pound and that was not happening. I did all of my research a...
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    My boxer and my 1 year old son...

    ^^^ I cannot agree with this statement more.
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    What food do you use in the UK

    We tend to flit between James WellBeloved and Orijen.