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    shake your butt shake your butt

    to djheitz: LOVED the music video! 'shake your bootie' is actually a command i use when the dogs come in out of the rain. my BF thinks i'm a little nuts because he saw me teach it to roxie 2 weeks ago.
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    Please help! Don't know what to do!

    is there any way that you could avoid these little dogs on your walks? maybe if you kind of got her used to the little yappers very slowly she would respond better. she may be feeling like an intruder; the little dogs are defending their respective territory and as the 'new dog' she may be...
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    Howling, Barking, and Whinning in Create! HELP

    your baby has to get to the point where he WANTS to be in the crate. do you keep the door open during the day? we have roxie's crate in the living room next to the t.v. so if she's not sprawled out on the couch, she walks into her crate and lies down. it also helps that the crate is...
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    Nipping at me all the time/ help please

    to ileana thanks for the note about yelping. my Roxie just went into season and the hormones are making her extremely crazy. (we can't spay her until her mange is completely gone.) i can't wait to get home and tell my BF about this!
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    fear of females (kind of long)

    thank you all for your interest and your replies. we are trying very hard with Rox and you've all given me a lot of good advice that i can implement. i think that with time and patience things will improve; i'm just a little impatient. i wish Roxie understood just how much i really do care...
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    fear of females (kind of long)

    my BF and i recently rescued a 10 month old female. Roxie is a lovely, lovely girl, a gorgeous flashy fawn who probably could be shown if we had papers on her. she's smart, puppyish, reasonably obedient. (i say that because we've only had her about 7 weeks and are working on it.) anyway...
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    can dogs be vindictive? (long)

    my sister has twin sons and when they were much younger their boston terrier pooped on one twin's bed. when she asked me about it, i asked, 'well, what did he do to anger Buster?' i don't know if its actually vindictive behavior or just behavior that they KNOW will get your attention, but...
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    Naming my Flashy Fawn Girl..

    i think she looks like a Zelda. or how about Francesca? then she could be Frankie for short. i wanted to name my latest Francesca Sha-Nay-Nay (Frankie Nay-Nay for short) but she was already Roxie so we stuck with that. my prior boxer was Loretta Lynn (Miz Etta's Lil Loretta). my min...
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    New Pup, looking for advice

    it seems to me that the boxer will be at least as big as the pug if not a little bigger. but introducing them on neutral ground is a very good idea. another good idea is getting the boxer his/her own crate. my 14 year old min pin gets along all right with our new boxer but when they get...
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    Is she 'protecting' me or just playing?

    my sister's chihuahua once jumped up and bit me hard enough on the butt to leave marks--no small feat as i am 5'9". she felt that she was protecting her mom and so neither of us could really get too strenuous about the correction. it sounds like your baby is protecting you. perhaps it would...
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    My dog hates me...any advice?

    i know how frustrating it can feel--you give your time and attention and all your love and your dog prefers your roommate. i take my dog with me to work sometimes and when we get home roxie immediately looks for her daddy--no matter that i'm with her all the time and he works 80 hours/week...
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    phenabarbtal for dogs

    has your baby been checked for diabetes? i had a terrier who would get seizures when his blood sugar fell. a little maple syrup rubbed on his tongue fixed him right up. HOWEVER i do caution you that this might not be your baby's problem. but it is worth looking into and also consulting...
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    Transitioning from crate training and chewing

    at eight months they're still exploring things, mostly with their mouths. the only suggestions i really have for you are patience and a lot of bitter apple spray. my almost 10-month old likes to grab and chew on cords so all the electrical cords, computer cords, etc., are doused with bitter...
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    blackheads? clogged pores? help!

    my last boxer had something similar on her elbows. i just gently squeezed (actually pressed--i was very gentle) and swabbed with a little rubbing alcohol. maybe your baby has the same??? i hope its something simple like that; i know how anxiety-producing something like that can be...
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    housebreaking issues

    we recently adopted a nearly 10 month old unspayed female and i am having some problem in housebreaking her. my boyfriend and i work opposite shifts so the dog is hardly ever alone and i make a point of letting her out to eliminate every two hours or so while awake. however even with...