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    How far did you go?

    I drove 2 hours one way in a different state to get Rocky and only about 20 mins. for Tippy. Molly, my other boxer I drove 6 hours one way in Illinois to get her.
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    Eating a lot, but still skinny

    Okay, thanks for the advice. My boxers are 2 and a half and 1 and a half. I know that they won't fill out for a little while, but I still think they are too skinny.
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    Eating a lot, but still skinny

    I have both of my dogs on CS. I give them 4 cups every night with a tablespoon of yogurt. They neither one are gaining any weight. I love the CS because their coats are soft and shiny and they don't shed much. My white boxer's tear stains have gotten a lot better. I just wonder if I am not...
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    How does he know?

    mine are the same way I also babysit children and my two boxers will play fight with me and my husband and growl at us, but when the kids play with them all the do is continously lick them. It is like they know they are fragile and they won't hurt them. That is the most wonderful things about...
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    Hello from Tennessee, USA!

    Hi and welcome to BW!! I live in Memphis, maybe we could have a play date.
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    Dog Food

    I also feed Chicken Soup for the Dog lover's soul. My dogs look great. Their coat is so shiny and soft! I never thought that their food wouldn't be very good. Thank goodness for BW!
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    I don't understand giving raw bones to your!

    I was just wondering do you give your dogs raw bones inside? I am uncomfortable doing that because I have young kids. Please give me some ideas.
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    Is chicken soup a good quality food for my boxer?

    I recently switched my dogs to CS and they look great. Their coats look great and my white male doesn't have eye boogers anymore. I would say that you have made a very good choice.
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    Shedding like crazy

    Rocky is shedding terrible. I also live in TN, so I wonder if it is an environmental thing. I have him on CS and I really don't want to switch their food, maybe it will slow down soon. We got a new recliner for christmas and it is covered in white hair, I put a blanket on it maybe that will...
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    Who's Idea Was It?

    It was my husband's idea when we got our first boxer. He said that he had always wanted a white boxer named Butch. I searched the breeder, picked him up, and took care of him from there. I had always been a small dog person. Not anymore, I then in return had to beg for the other boxers that...
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    boxer on the movie channel

    We recently rented this movie. My kids and I loved it. The boxer was very funny!
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    Noisy dog toy

    My brother gave my 3 year old daughter a drum set for christmas. He has also given her previously a guitar and keyboard. My house is very loud. Anyway, he has no kids yet, but him and his wife have 4 dogs. I want to get him 4 of the noisest dog toys I can find. One of his dogs chews...
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    2006 calendars

    My husband got me a really cute boxer puppy calendar! They have some of the cutest faces. I think he got it in our mall.
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    An apology

    Congratulations to both of you on the new baby. I hope Whitney will be doing better soon! My thoughts and prayers are with your family. My family wishes you a Merry Christmas!
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    bad day. a little confused.

    Sometimes when I deposit after 2 pm on Friday it won't get in my account unitl Mon. night. I can still use my debit card, but I can't pull any out of the atm. It will say that my balance is 1200, but my available balance is 50. This means that I can pull 50 dollars out, but that is it. My...