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    Airline Crate Help.

    Wow, such a good dog. I am still bribing my dog. Sometimes I wonder how far he can lean!
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    Crate Training Help

    I am really interested in knowing the answer to this one. Mine never even wants to go near his crate since we let him free after over a year. Now he is 2 1/2 and I am training him to go into the airline crate.
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    Airline Crate Help.

    I went thru airline crate training last year when we moved from Singapore to Dubai. Now I am in the middle of airline crate training again as we are moving again from Dubai to Singapore. My dog also barks at the crate. He does not like it at all. I am not sure if he still remember it from...
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    shedding and food allergies

    We have the same issue with our 2 1/2 year old. He seems to be allergic to many things, not only certain food but also humidity, grass and etc. At the end I decided to home cook for him and also make my own treat for him. It seems a lot of work to home cook but it is not so bad as I cook...
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    boxer as checked baggage?

    In your case I would drive too. I had a very heart breaking experience putting my dog on the plane. Good luck with your move!
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    Warning: Pure Tea Tree Oil Is Toxic

    Thank you for sharing. I have been using Tea Tree oil shampoo on my poor dog, sometimes even sprayed him with Tea Tree oil. Now I will stop.
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    I am very glad to hear about your dog.
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    how long till housetrained

    Sorry to misunderstand you!
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    My Tika has her first tumor

    I had something not exactly the same. My 2 1/2 year old had a lump on his back leg and I was advised by the vet to have it remove and we did. The result came back as "low grade" tumor. She took a lot of tissue around the lump. He was put under anesthesia and got some stitches. It took ten...
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    bumps on tyson???

    Forgot to add that I use vinegar to clean his bed sheet and ours (he sleeps with us most of the time). Have you taken you dog to see the vet and have them do skin scrap? They might be able to tell you and give you some medicine to help.
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    My puppy eats his own poo!

    What food do you feed your pup? I heard that dogs ate their own poo when the food they ate had not enough nutrients in it. Could this be your case?
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    bumps on tyson???

    I had similar problem while living in Singapore. He often had bumps/pimples all over his back. I took him to see the vet and was told that it was not food allergy but more environmental, dust, dust mites and etc. He was always given antibiotic for 10 days, the bumps would go away, then about a...
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    how long till housetrained

    Twelve weeks and you expect your dog to be house-trained, that's a lot of expectation! Mine is house-trained by about 9 months. I really had doubt about him as everybody I met kept telling me that their 3-month old puppies were house-trained. It must be very special puppies so don't believe...
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    Yes, the medical (antibiotic) works very fast. My dog had giardia a few months ago. Although you should not stop the antibiotic (the vet should be able to tell you how long your dog should take). First time my dog got giardia he was on antibiotic (flagyl) for 7 days. He was better but it...