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    where to put the crate?

    We did two crates. One in bedroom, one in living area. Made it much easier.
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    Need help!

    I used a gentle leader head harness from four months until about a year. Gradually weaned her off as manners improved, and it did help a great deal. I sometimes still use it in high pressure situations, but she has matured and at 18 months she finally gets it. Jumping up on people still...
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    White boxer nail color

    Any white boxer owners notice if the nails have a reddish color at the base of the nail? Lexi has six nails that are anywhere from1/4 to 1/2 red. Doesn't seem to bother her, but since my nail awareness is heightened with her latest injury, I'm curious.
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    Favouring front foot

    It's either a sprain or a break, and the nail colour is just the blood as a result if the trauma to the toe. Antibiotics, pain medication, and more Epsom salts baths are the treatment. I didn't bother with an X-ray to confirm a break... Treatment is essentially the same anyway. Definitely...
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    Crate Training

    We were lucky. She woke us once the first two nights, and after that, slept straight through, eight hours no problem. No drinks before bed, outside to do her thing, under supervision and on her leash, and straight into the crate for the night. Don't know if it was an anomaly but hoping our next...
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    Favouring front foot

    How is Harvey? Lexi is just miserable. Taking her to the vet in the morning... Not sure this counts as emergency. She is now allowing the Epsom salts bath with no argument, but now putting no pressure on that paw. Hoping they will be able to give her antibiotics to clear it up.
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    Favouring front foot

    Thanks for mentioning the nail... Made me take a second look, and yes that nail is a weird color. Have done an Epsom salts bath, will do two more tomorrow, and to the vet on Monday for some antibiotics. Have also used diluted lavender oil to help calm her. Fingers crossed it doesn't get worse...
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    Favouring front foot

    She let me investigate the pad and between the toes without complaint. Then Starting at her inside toe I applied pressure to the base of each toe, each was fine until I got to the outside toe. My best guess is she strained the outside toe, either cornering grad during play or jumping down out of...
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    Favouring front foot

    I put Lexi in kennel overnight, a kennel we use regularly that we both love. When I picked her up this morning she was favouring her front left foot. She didn't really like me examining it, but she let me as long as I was gentle. I couldn't tell if she has sprained it or broken anything. I'm...
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    need help with sleeping!

    Try something like this: SnugglePuppy Dog Toy with Heartbeat & Warmer, Comforts Puppies! We also have tv on before going to sleep and that soothed her, kinda like having the salting music.... And we still use that when we leave her home alone! As a young pup we almost completely enclosed her...
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    Switching to Raw

    Yes on removing skin at the start. Once he has accepted the chicken without the skin, can start to add the skin back in until you are up to the amount you'd find on any chicken, then you can stop skinning :-). You have no idea how happy I was to finally stop skinning chicken legs lol I assume...
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    Tiny male boxer needs more food? weight problem?

    An additional reference for you that might also help: As you can see, calorie requirements change a lot over a dogs life. I've switched to raw, but the guidelines are still helpful.
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    Tiny male boxer needs more food? weight problem?

    I agree with jinnytee. At that age they need a lot of calories. Make sure you are feeding enough and three or more cups sounds closer to what I fed at that age. Is he always asking for food? Always cleaning his bowl? I had some days where I would give an extra cup because she was going through a...
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    Suggestions on what to do???

    You are feeding kibble I presume? Could be allergic to one of the ingredients? Might have to carefully try a few different options until you find one that works for him
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    Suggestions on starting my pup on raw

    Well? How are things?