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    Hi everyone. It has been a hot minute since I posted on this forum. Rocky is now JUST shy of 10.5 years old and we’ve been managing his arrhythmia and IBD with multiple meds over the past 3 years. He regularly collapses and loses urine control, most recently was 2 weeks ago. He usually...
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    My Rocky....IBD/pancreatitis/arrhythmia/splenic tumors. Long - sorry :(

    Hi all, It has been a LOOOOONG time since I have logged onto BW. Life has changed a lot, we have an 18m old human child who has been taking up most of my time. Our Dharma girl gained her angel wings Oct 2015 and Rocky has been SUCH a trooper with our little human child, Cal. They are truly best...
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    Help! Rocky was just hospitalized for 4 days :(

    Hi everyone, it has been a long time since we were on BW. Rocky has now become sick and I'm looking for any/all advice regarding what is going on. To make a long story short, he was refusing food and vomiting this past Saturday. We took him to our vet for cerenia and fluids which usually does...
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    My Dharma free

    Thanks's been a rough week. Rocky seems to be doing ok - just very whiny/needy. Laying on her sweater on the bed she always laid on. We brought her home last night. Some of her ashes we will sprinkle outside by the cot she always loved to lay on..some we will bury by the...
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    My Dharma free

    Dharma Bernice Jellybean.... You came into our lives over 3 years ago after a 930 mile journey from Northwest Georgia up to Wisconsin. As soon as we saw your beautiful face and your soulful eyes we knew you were meant to be a part of our pack up here. I admit...taking a chance on a dog who...
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    Trouble eating out of a bowl...

    Thank you! This is working for her!!! She can grab the wet food/kibble mix a bit easier! We have also been there to help spoon feed her if she needs it :)
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    Trouble eating out of a bowl...

    so my senior girl has been super picky with eating lately. She tries...and goes at it for awhile but then can't seem to get it all and gives up/goes lays down. I'm wondering if she has issues eating out of the bowl? She currently uses a raised feeder (I know there are mixed opinions of...
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    Cardiac Cachexia

    Hi all - So our approx. 12 year old boxer girl, Dharma, has been having a hard time lately and has been VERY picky with eating her food. She's lost about 12# in the last 2.5 months and is down to 44# :( Her heaviest with us was 61# (probably too fat) but she probably should be closer to 50# at...
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    Caney and Benjamin

    <3 amazing! This is my dream that my boxers accept our baby boy just as nicely as Caney has accepted little Ben.
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    Juno's new brother :)

    Adorable!!! omg the video cracks me up. Juno has greyed a lot since I've been on here (been a few years) but I love that her eyebrows are grey too! <3 She's awesome!
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    Ms. Sophie and her bestest friend!!!

    They are both just beautiful! <3 <3
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    It has been TOO long! Rocky and Dharma say hi!

    <3 <3 - Rocky acts like a puppy still - he still needs his exercise every day or he sits there and demand barks at me. I was hoping he'd start relaxing a bit more/calming down....but ya know, he's a boxer - he's still a puppy at age 6!!
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    It has been TOO long! Rocky and Dharma say hi!

    HA. Is anyone ever ready for 2 boxers and a baby?! I'm sure it'll be FUN - but I know these two pups will be nice - if anything, they will want to be OVERLY involved which will make it hard. But we are ready - here we go on this crazy ride we call life :)
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    It has been TOO long! Rocky and Dharma say hi!

    Wow - thanks to a certain someone - I was reminded of the wonderful boxerworld - totally forgot it existed and things have been so crazy at home with a new job (started almost 2 years ago now). DH and I also are expecting our first baby in December - so that's a big change and has already been...
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    A couple updated pics of my pack :)

    Been awhile since I've posted pics of Rocky and Dharma. Rocky is now 5.5 years old - starting to grey but still looking so handsome (in my opinion) - he is a petpartners certified therapy dog and we visit hospice patients weekly. He's such a special boy - we love him! Dharma is about 11.5...