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    Had to say goodbye to Princess Arabella

    I'm very sorry - hope with passage of time the heartache is replaced with good memories of your time together.
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    Signs from Raine for a new pup??

    Congratulations - she is adorable
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    It's been a year!

    My heart aches for you
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    Not good news

    Oh no - glad you’re getting ultrasound. I didn’t do that with my Mick until it was too late. Sending many positive healing vibes.
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    Delmi has crossed the bridge

    I'm very sorry for your loss. The little buggers just wiggle their way into our hearts and then take a piece with them when they cross the bridge. Hoping the good memories fill the void.
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    Raine is gone. Numb and broken.

    I am so so sorry for your loss - the unexpected brings a raw emotion that I didn't realize existed. I lost Roxy to old age, but Mick was lost suddenly and I was not there. The thought of that day still starts the tears flowing. It is impossible to express. I will say I read all your posts on...
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    TPLO surgery in our future

    Thank you so much for the information, reassurance and success videos. I have been working my tail off before the the surgery. I'm an independent contractor and travel weekly for work, so apologies for the delayed acknowledgement. I have managed to clear my schedule for 7 weeks post surgery...
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    TPLO surgery in our future

    Copper is not going to have a fun 2019. We received confirmation that he has a torn CCL right after Christmas. After much research, x-rays by 2 vets, and discussions with University of Missouri orthopedic surgeons we have decided to go with the TPLO surgery with hopes of Cooper having the best...
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    Hello Again!

    Adorable - love his name. My childhood horse was “Sunny” we used to sing the song “you are my sunshine...” as we rode him. Hope your Sonny makes you as happy as mine did me.
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    Princess Arabella collapsed

    Sorry to hear this and that you have to put your previous experience to work again. Those collapsing events are just so upsetting that you end up doing everything within your power to prevent them. I hold my breath every time Copper has a big run (which is often) after my experiences with Mick...
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    Had to put Arrow down over the summer

    Sorry for your loss - it is never easy. Was he named for Arrowhead Stadium? Cooper has a KC Chiefs name tag. Godspeed Arrowangelicon
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    Rocky and Apollo

    Congrats - very handsome boys. I made it a week without a boxer in our home after Mick died. Gotta love those wiggle butts!
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    Triple the fun

    That photo is priceless applauseicon
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    Meet Dyna