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    White Boxers

    I haven't had anymore health issues with my white boxers than my fawns. Pretty much everything has been mentioned in previous posts: - more prone to sunburn - more prone to deafness, based on the white coat gene - more prone to needing baths because of the muddy boxer paw prints showing up...
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    Rescues - anyone take in a white female boxer from VA?

    Lilly found her forever home yesterday! appicon Yes, DJHeitz-- that's her! I must not have subscribed to this thread, so I didn't get your responses until AFTER we found out where she was. We got a call from her 2nd foster family with the good news. We are so happy for her. She's going...
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    Rescues - anyone take in a white female boxer from VA?

    We were fostering an emaciated white female boxer named Lilly for our local shelter here in central VA. The shelter decided to place her with some boxer rescue, and that's where she went as of last Wednesday. We've been missing her, eventhough she was only with us a short time. It's a long...
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    long time no boxerworld

    Welcome back, Michele! welcomeicon
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    Boxers sure do love Boxers!

    We refer to other boxers as "cousins", too! Boxers GET boxers. Rarely do they take offense to a right hook to the face or a direct pounce on the head.
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    As a boxer lover, what would you do?

    Other than what I've observed, I only know what she's told me. That said, she's directly contradicted herself, and in one ermail says that she doesn't even have dogs. My suspicions is that she's running some sort of backyard breeding deal, and she's not getting anything out of the two females...
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    As a boxer lover, what would you do?

    I had an infuriating and frustrating experience with a boxer owner over the weekend. I brought my dogs to meet hers, in the hopes of "adopting" one. The one dog looked a little thin, had some hot spots, and a smelly ear. The other looked fine. Neither was spayed and both were being housed...
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    Bentley's newest pictures

    Boxers are a wonderful addiction. Bentley is just too cute!
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    Bella's Halloween costume

    appicon Oh that's great! She's such a cute girly-girl.
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    The downside to having a doggy door

    ha ha ha She's like "who put this dirt on me, mommy??"
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    My Pretty Girl Blayz 10/2/97-30/10/09

    I read your post with tears streaming down my face. No matter how long we share our homes and our hearts with them-- it really is never long enough. My Trace crossed the bridge last month, and surely she's part of the welcoming party by now. My heart goes out to you during this sad time. Keep...
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    Screams in Crate

    I've been sitting here racking my brain, and I honestly can't remember how long it took. I'm not a model crate-trainer by any means, however I've crate trained four dogs. With this last pup, I caved on the sleeping in the crate at maybe two weeks of sleepless nights and a growing concern of...
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    Help naming a flashy brindle boy

    Rocky is a fun name. :)
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    Screams in Crate

    wow, Caney Creek's advice is spot on.
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    Drake is baby obsessed!

    lovicon Thanks for sharing such a sweet, heartwarming story. What a good boy he is!