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    Seasonal allergies / itchy scratchy

    hope she's doing better! i'll say that i've had the same experience with my Peyton. Benadryl pills twice a day..and Benadryl spray on her paws have helped a great deal. Cortisone shots have been necessary on a couple of occassions, but that was in extreme cases. I'll also say that we've changed...
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    Heightened Anxiety with No Apparent Cause?

    have you been to the vet yet? if so, any diagnosis? a couple of years ago, my mom rescued a female boxer who was in seemly perfect health. after a few months, she started pacing a great deal, wouldn't sleep well, ate sporadically. turns out that she had epilepsy..and she had been having very...
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    Daisy has big bumps on her skin, what are they?

    My girl, Peyton, has had hives a few times. She has pretty bad seasonal allergies and the hives have popped up after being outside around freshly cut grass. She also got them once after being stung by a bee. They were these really big bumps, the hair on them was raised, she just looked...
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    Feet Blisters

    My dogs haven't been to doggie daycare before, dog Peyton has really bad allergies and licks her feet a great deal. Those sores have developed on her feet when she's licked too much. All i can say is that something has irritated their feet, hence the constant licking. I guess the...
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    my girl, Peyton, has had seasonal allergies forever. she gets really watery eyes, sometimes breaks out in hives around freshly cut grass, but most of all itchy paws and licks them like crazy. i give her Benadryl twice a day which helps a great deal, as well as Benadryl spray, which I use for her...
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    New Member from Michigan

    Welcome, welcome, welcome! So sorry to hear about your girl Bacci. I too, know how hard it is to lose a beloved friend. What a blessing it is to have so many wonderful memories. But it is hard when they're not actually there. I waited a few months, and rescued another boxer, and it was such a...
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    hello from Chicago

    it's such a great place to meet other boxer lovers, and most importantly a place to get helpful information. it helps to know that there are so many people out there that feel exactly the same way that you do about your dogs. Welcome! Amy Monte and Peyton
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    New brown spots on my white boxer..why?

    Hi all! Monte, my soon to be 7-year old white boxer is seemingly healthy. He does have a moderately low thyroid, which we treat with a low dose of Thyrosine. He's got a small patch of bald skin in between his shoulder blades, where the hair is slowly growing back. Other than being a pound or two...
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    Dr. thinks it might be cancer!

    sending heartful wishes for positive results. i agree with everyone else...better to be safe than sorry. my first boxer ,Brody, was diagnosed with a torn ACL ligament in his knee. I took him to another vet and it turned out to be a malignant tumor that was far too gone to treat. Hopefully your...
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    so happy to meet other boxer lovers!

    Hi Everyone.. Just wanted to say how lucky I feel to have come across this website. I know that everyone out there adores their boxers as much as I do. I have two boxers now, a white male named Monte, and a brindle female named Peyton. I also have one boxer, Brody in heaven. Having these dogs...