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    mice in my house!

    Hmm if your going to use the snap traps and they are going to die anyway....another option that works well is a ultrasonic type of trap. One end you put the peanut butter in you place it in their path (where ever you see poop) and turn the unit on and leave it over night. They go into the...
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    Super Bouncy Balls....

    Well it appears Neutron has gotten a hold of and ate one of my son's rubber super bouncy balls (the small size). It went down okay....obvioulsy seeing as he gulped it when I tried to catch him to leave it....but what do you guys think the chances are of him passing it safely? We will of course...
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    teaching "leave it" to a deaf dog

    I'm having the same issue with Neutron. I'll look forward to the replies also. I've tried tapping him on the shoulder too and it's to no avail.
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    future name for Flash's sis

    I like Violet! But another option would be Spark and Flash Just fyi...The character in the incredibles is Dash (not Flash) still cute though!
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    Winston's Great Escape

    Ah yes...Little (okay not so little anymore) Neutron has been an escape artist since he was just 4-6 weeks old...he'd escape from the set up the breeder had for him...and he continues to do it now! Although we are not quite as lucky as you were with Winston...Neutron had chewed up my bedroom by...
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    I shouldn't laugh but...... sweet. Good mamma...good puppy for dealing with the chair too!
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    So worried about my Maltese

    She's home from her dental (I suppose her last dental as she has no teeth left now). Poor thing she is not very happy and can't quite figure out why. Even her little face looks different since there is no teeth to keep the lips out...but that's okay as long as she starts getting healthy again...
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    So worried about my Maltese

    So we just got back from the vet's office. The vet isn't positive that it's cancer he said with something of this size he would expect all the other lyphnodes to be swollen also. So this is leading him to belive that it is just an infection from her bad teeth. He has scheduled her tomorrow...
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    So worried about my Maltese

    Thank you...not able to get her in any earlier at this point. I'm nervous with everything I've read, and my husband is telling me I'm overreacting that I need to wait until the doctor sees her...but I guess it's just my way of being prepared in some crazy way. She's been so cuddly today and...
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    So worried about my Maltese

    I think a bacterial infection will be the best possible answer at this point...I'm crossing my fingers. She doesn't seem to be "sick" per say and is eating normal. Her teeth have always been pretty bad so I'm crossing my fingers that maybe a bacterial infection is what's going on...but the...
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    So worried about my Maltese

    I would be blessed with an additional two years with my baby Daisy! She is already about 13 years old! I'm so anxious for the vet appointment. I might call and see if they have anything ealier. The bump actually feels larger today, although I guessing it's my imagineation or I'm just over...
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    So worried about my Maltese

    Okay I'm hoping to find more positive words here than I did after searching the interent this evening. I noticed last night that my 13 year old Maltese has a Large lump in her neck. It must be at least 1-2 inches in diameter but she doesn't seem to be acting any different. The only thing I...
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    Destructive Neutron!

    OH MY GOODNESS! Well....the title says it all! Tonight we left the house for 15 minutes (to return movies) and we get home and hear Sadie whinning from the car! Thought it was weird, but didn't really think to much about it until I look at her cage and Neutron (the crate next to her) is...
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    Going for Surgery....Finally

    oh no really? How the heck do we keep them calm...guess I'll be finding a good meaty bone for them to eat while the social worker is at our house so they arn't crying in their crates
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    Going for Surgery....Finally

    We've finally got the appointment for our puppies for their Neuter and Spay. I'm curious to know how they will behave the following day. They are scheduled for A week from today but we just found out the next day is our Home study (we are getting ready to adopt another child). I'm a bit...