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    Hello all! I originally joined this site in 2005, after Jesse (now 7 1/2) became part of our family. It has been a few years since I've visited this site. Life tends to get in the way of things. The name "new mom" doesn't really fit but when we got Jesse, I couldn't think of anything else...
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    Malaseb shampoo

    Malaseb shampoo is very good for skin issues. I have a Boston who has a problem with being itchy and it has worked wonders. At first, I was bathing her 3 times a week (per my vet) and now I bathe her every other week or so. Frequent bathing was a pain but it helped. I looked at your link and...
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    Love Birds Anyone?

    Thank you for your replies. I will get more information on these birds since I know absolutely nothing about them. They just might be the birds from hell. DH will want to kill me if I bring "problem children" home. Last night I told him I wanted to foster a pot-bellied pig until it finds a...
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    Love Birds Anyone?

    I have never had a bird but have always wanted one. I now have the opportunity to acquire a pair of love birds. One of the vets where I work told me that in vet school they used to refer to them as "hate" birds and that they bite alot. Of course, she now has me scared... Do any of you...
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    Cutest Henri pictures ever taken...

    Thank you for sharing your boy with us. It sure put a smile on my face this morning. Marilyn
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    Besides Boxers... what other pets do you own?

    Besides Jesse our boxer, we have Spottie a 10 year old cranky mini schnauzer, Joey a year old Boston Terrier who is NUTS, 2 guinea pigs and a hamster. They wear me out! Marilyn
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    Eating soap

    Mine seem to have a fondness for Dove Soap! Marilyn
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    2nd Dog Ideas; Not a Boxer

    We got our Boston, Joey, when Jesse was 18 months old and it was the best thing we ever did for him. They are best buddies and that little Boston is wilder than Jesse ever was and tough as nails. When they play sometimes, you'd think they're killing each other...I can only imagine what the...
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    Vet question?

    Our vet owns the house next door to the clinic. That is not his main residence but he does stay there when he needs to and runs back and forth to check on things. Usually, the last person to leave the office goes around 7PM and the kennel people are back in at 6AM. Depending on the...
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    Look what I made last night!

    That doggie bed is beautiful! You did a great job. Will you share the "recipe" with us? Your babies are adorable. Marilyn
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    Get Rid of Dogs say the insurance underwriter!

    I would find out who this underwriter answers to...a supervisor or manager and in writing I would appeal the decision. It would also help to get written statements from your vet and boarding facility giving details about your dogs personalities, temperaments and whether or not they've been...
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    Finally Did It

    That is beautiful! Not only the tattoo itself but the love behind it. I've actually got tears running down my face. I thought about doing that a long time ago with my Jake but never trusted anyone to get it "right". Thank you for sharing that. Marilyn
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    A trip to the vet

    My little Spottie is on a restricted diet due to allergies. We feed her Royal Canin Whitefish & Potato. We were also instructed to not give anything else...even treats. DH was upset by this. What I've done is to take the canned food and spoon it into little "cookies" on a cookie sheet...
  14. Spottie and Joey

    Spottie and Joey

    Spottie is checking out her new baby brother for the first time.
  15. Jesse & Granny

    Jesse & Granny

    Jesse loves his granny