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    Thinking about going raw

    I agree with your friend that the chicken quarter was to much for your dogs. That is were I started my two but when they started throwing up bone every night I realized that was not correct :) So we switched to chicken breasts. They quite throwing up and there stool started looking a bit more...
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    Chemo & milk thistle

    We give Milk Thistle Tincture to our boy for his liver. For the liquid it should be 2 drops per 10 pounds of body weight. So with him being aproxomately 70 pounds we give 14 drops. If you do a search online you should be able to find out how much in pill form if that is how you are wanting to...
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    I love how this boxer layed down so not to frighten the cows and then just layed there while they investigated. That was awesome. On one of our many walking routes we had Llama/Alpaca that would always greet Nala when we would come by. The owner started noticing and thought it was neat.
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    Need Advice for Ongoing Strange Health Issues

    I am so sorry for all the issues Daphne is having. Do you have a friend or family member were Daphne can stay to see if it is your home or something else? If she gets better you know its your home.
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    Considering RAW Feeding

    We just finished a month on raw prey model diet. we joined a yahoo group for raw feeding. You want to start with one protien source. We started with chicken. You want to feed 2%-3% of body weight for your dog. So for our boy he gets 2# a day of meat and our girl gets 1.5# a day. We started...
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    How old are your Boxers? Curious on oldest dog here

    Nala will be 5 yrs in february and Reo will be 3 in March
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    The cutest boxer videos!

    I love piggy and puggy. OMG!!!! that was way to cute. And the one going down the stairs HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE
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    Contact, I Need Contact!

    oh yes the velcro dog :lol: I am forever falling over my two when in motion cause they must be right their. Even while vacuuming I must direct them out of the way so I can get my chores done. We are never alone on the couch. One or both must be on you at any given time. And when you get...
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    I am a stay at home boxer mommy :D but previously I was a Nursing Assistant for a Rehab unit and before that the secretary for same Rehab unit. I loved working with the patients but after a few passed away I couldn't do it any more. So my DH drives a shuttle back and forth to the airport and I...
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    Toys for Boxers.... recommendations and post what your dog likes

    Mine love the big blue ball with the rope through the middle. They love playing fetch and throwing it around themselves. We have made it an outside toy due to its capasity to distroy anything that it hits when it goes flying :D And anything that makes a lot of noise. Tennis balls...
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    Corn oil

    I have never heard of that, but personally I wouldn't use Corn Oil. If you really want to give any oil it should be Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil. Or fish oil. But I cannot say whether these other oils fixes the gas issue. The way we got rid of the nasty gas was by changing foods. I not...
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    The Boxelope...

    Nala does this all the time. We love it and laugh which makes her do it more.
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    Day one of Raw

    Day three They are definetly loving it more then the kibble. It is amazing. Today was a rough day. They did not get to eat until 2 this afternoon. I ended up in the hospital early early this morning and DH went straight to work after taking me :( DH fed them as soon as he got home. He...
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    Day one of Raw

    Day two down Thank you for the help. I feel like I am doing something wrong by feeding them Raw :(. I know its in my head and I will get over it and that this is the very best for them. I know they are completely enjoying this new way of eating. last night reo threw up bone but other then...
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    Day one of Raw

    Well we took the plunge today and started feeding raw appicon Because I have fed them raw treats before on towels spread on the floor, as soon as I put the towels down they were on them laying down waiting and whinning to get me to hurry up. They were so excited. Nala and Reo don't know what...