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    I agree with the glue traps and the posion. I think the glue traps are very cruel, and the poison, I don't think I would want that around me even if I didn't have dogs. I'm not a big fan of any sort of trap, so we started with the things you plug in and they send out sound waves or something...
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    Thanks for all of the info. I am going to call the vet on Monday just to make sure they are vaccinated for everything. I'm sure they are, but I tend to to be overly cautious with the dogs and freak out over every little thing. We got traps, but haven't caught any. I know they are there because...
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    Ew we have mice! I am so grossed out. Last night a mouse ran across the living room right in front of Aiden and Maia. They laid on the couch and didn't even care! These are dogs that will murder a leaf blowing in the wind, but when a real live animal is in front of them they won't even move...
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    Why do they always go for the rugs?!?!?!?

    Aiden does the same exact thing. One time when I had to give him hydrogen peroxide to make him vomit, I took him outside because I knew he was going to. A half hour later, the little bugger would not puke. The second we came inside, he went straight into the living room, and puked up a full...
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    Horrible Vet

    He was trying to sell me a lyme's vaccination, heartguard, frontline, he went through a whole list. I know these are all serious threats. He just wouldn't listen to me when I told him they already had a lyme's vaccination, and were on heartworm prevention and frontline.
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    Horrible Vet

    Since we moved I was thinking of switching vets because our other one is 45 minutes away. My regular vet is on vacation for a week, so yesterday I took Maia to a new vet that was closer because she has some sort of infection in her ear. It was such a horrible experience. The vet asked me what I...
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    Maia's Progess.. Long

    Maia sounds very similar to Skye. Around us and people she knows, she is such a sweetheart. Only wants to play and give you kisses, she wiggles so hard her body is in a C shape and she walks crooked :), but she is very leary of strangers. I don't know too much about her history, but I do know...
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    Leaving two out of their crate??

    I don't know if we could really gate them to a particular area because the place we are currently in is a very open plan. When we have left them before, only for 5 minutes max, we have come back to find them laying at the door. I guess if we tire them out before we leave they would be more apt...
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    Maia's Progess.. Long

    We rescued Maia back in May. Since we got her, the behavior problems became progressively worse, to the point where it was impossible to even take her out of the house for a walk. After a lot of searching, I finally found a behaviorist and she started coming to our house. I absolutely love her...
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    Leaving two out of their crate??

    Aiden and Maia are in their crates when we leave. Aiden seems to be maturing and his behavior around the house has gotten much better. We have been thinking about testing the two of them out of the crate. I know you start with a few minutes and build up very gradually, but how do you do it with...
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    Does anyone else's boxer eat soap??

    Aiden has a major soap eating problem. He would just swallow the bar whole before I even had time to react. I would make sure the bathroom door was always closed, but everytime I turned my back I would hear his little paws clanking around in the bathtub. The little bugger learned how to open the...
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    LOUD Mouth

    Aiden has a major attention barking problem. We just had a behaviorist start coming to our house two weeks ago, and she said when he starts to bark just cross your arms, put your head in the air and ignore him. Don't make any eye contact or give into his barking at all. Even shaking a finger at...
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    Extra rib?

    Aiden had the same exact thing when he was younger. I called the vet freaking out, and they said boxers have an extra rib or a floating rib, and sometimes you can see it. I know the vet thinks I am crazy, and I took Aiden to get it checked out anyway. He was fine and it eventually went away.
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    Still Squats when he pees..

    Aiden was neutered at 7 months, and he just started lifting his leg. When we are at home he still squats, but if we are on a walk and other dogs are around he lifts his leg. He looks ridiculous when he does it because he lifts his leg so high that he stumbles mid-pee and then just ends up...
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    Does your Boxer swim?

    Aiden and Maia went swimming with my sisters dog when we were at the beach. Boyd their fur cousin always jumps off the docks and they followed suit. Boyd looked beautiful when he swam. My two looked like such freaks slapping their front paws in the water, and Aiden was trying to drink the water...