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    Have travel bag , no where to go

    Any ideas for winter activities with my furbaby. We are in the middle of cabin fever since we live in NYC. Have car and will travel. I need to take him somewhere so that he can run his little heart out. We have our coat, a sweater and booties for outdoor essentials plus his own travel bag...
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    My furbaby went AWOL @ dog park!

    Just a note to say Thanks To All who supplied their thoughts on the situation with Cary@ the dog park.smashicon
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    My furbaby went AWOL @ dog park!

    Hello everyone, I'm Luis, Cary's dad. I think Sonia left out some facts about Cary. He is very friendly with most dogs. We have been taking Cary to the off leash dog park since he was 8 months old, he's 11 months now. he loves to go and play with the other dogs, no matter what size the are...
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    My furbaby went AWOL @ dog park!

    We planned on having a great day since the weather is nice but this is what has just happened literally half hour ago: We went to dog run on 52nd st and entered as usual but a larger dog sort of hound like came growling at my Cary and following him around doing this -well need I say Cary...
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    We Did It!

    new baby cool2icon cool2icon cool2icon That's great!!!! Sounds like there's lots of love already and everyone wants to share him. I have to share mine with my godson whenever he visits. Waiting for pics of your handsome boy.
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    Valentine Wishes

    Same to you and all other boxer parents out there. lovicon