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    Driving in my Jeep

    I use a padded seatbelt harness with Jada for our sandrail and in our vehicles. I bought it at Petsmart. She has had one from the first day riding in there and stays sitting in her seat with her harness on. Then we don't have to worry about her jumping out or getting in our lap. Now when she...
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    Happy Birthday Jada

    Jada's birthday photos. No party hat, just a hoody, that makes her look like a true
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    Abby: 1 Cats: 0

    We also have a stray cat problem here where we live. It just irritates me that dogs have all these laws but cats can roam around where ever without any leashes or potty details. I had a cat spray the inside of my car once. I was a little upset, it smelled for weeks. I finally got the smell out...
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    Happy Birthday Jada

    Jada is 3 today. Where does the time go. Jada is my first Boxer and I will always have one in my life, this breed is amazing. She is a real sweetheart and a great snuggler, listens well and is very smart. Happy Birthday baby girl. Have a fun filled day with all your new toys and treats. You are...
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    Does your Boxer moan like a lion cub?

    Tanner is 9 months old and getting huge, bigger than Jada. He is already 60 pounds and a brute. He loves to talk to me in this weird moaning, growling noise. If i answer him back he will go on and on. I have tried to get this on video but every time I go get the camera he stops, of course. It...
  6. Go Jets

    Go Jets

    Tanners daddy loves the jets
  7. Sharing


    The do share every once in a while
  8. My boxers

    My boxers

    I think they are getting tired of me taking picutres
  9. Jada cool

    Jada cool

    Jada is so cool!!!!!!
  10. Halloween costumes

    Halloween costumes

    My boxers are ready fo halloween
  11. cool Tanner

    cool Tanner

    Tanner looks so macho
  12. Graduation


    Tanner graduates puppy class
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    Added one more to the pack

    Yes Tanner has graduated his puppy class and is continueing to get trained every day. He just got nuetered last week and is recovering from that really well. He is getting to be a big boy weighing 45 pounds and will be 6 months on the 28th. I will post his grad pics in my gallery.
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    The Greatest American Dog - Presley??

    Congratulations Travis and Presley. This just goes to show BOXERS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Big Pup

    Tanner will be 5 months on the Aug. 28th. He is weighing in at 41 pounds. His Dad was 85 pounds. I now Jada wasn't this big at 5 months. Is he going to be huge? He is eating Natural Balance Potato and Duck does this have something to do in how big he is? Jada is 2 1/2 years old and she is only...