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    Re-introducing myself

    Olly, Thanks for the welcome back. I don't 100% remember who's who. Was Bismarck yours? Although we have lost all our boxer, we are not dogless. About a month after Bailey died, we adopted a German Shorthair Pointer from the local shelter. He's fit in to our family and life very well...
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    Re-introducing myself

    Wow, time flies. I haven't been on here for a while (since 2004 to be exact!!). I don't know how many people are still around from back then. We've had 3 boxers. Unfortunately we lost our girl Bailey to cancer in October, 2008. Presently, we don't have a boxer. :( I thought I'd get...
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    Oregon - Second Sunday

    dughrt - Obviously I wasn't there, but I can't remember why. :o But, yes, the play day is a standing date. I think in the summer people get busy with vactaions and stuff and may not make it. I'll do my best to be there next weekend. ;) I haven't seen a Dog Nose Newspaper for a while, but I...
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    Just call her baldy

    I have been reading this thread with interest and wanted to add and get an update from others with the problem. Bailey has the same hair loss problem. The only thing I know for SURE is that it IS seasonal! Starts in the fall, and by late spring the hair is growing back. This is now the 3rd...
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    dont think it's mange.. used search already

    My Bailey has the same seasonal hair loss. I'm considering starting her on Melatonin. Question... Those of you who use it, do you give it all year round or just during the "balding" season? Bailey starts getting spots in fall (about Nov.), with the balding getting progressively worse...
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    Strangest comments

    Okay, my third grader is doing a research paper on dog breeds. Of course, she is including boxers. She read me her draft and she says, "there are 2 kinds of boxers." I stopped her and said, no, there is only one kind of boxer. Where did you get that information? The website she is using...
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    Famous Boxers

    Yes, yes, I know, one of the MAIN characters, Chance, in Homeward Bound was an American Bulldog. But in Homeward Bound II there was a boxer in one scene. He was the bully, the junkyard dog. (not a main character, just a supporting actor ;) ) Jodie Foster has or had a boxer.
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    Boxer Popularity

    I've noticed the same thing. When we got our first boxer almost 12 years ago, we hardly ever saw a boxer. Now I see them all the time. And, sadly, I'm starting to see some poor examples of boxers--longer muzzles, etc. I agree that Rottweilers did go that direction too. Many of them...
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    Famous Boxers

    Hummm, that's a hard one. I know there's a NASCAR driver who has a boxer and is now doing ads for dog food (can't remember the driver or the dog food right now. :o ) There was the *junkyard* dog character in Homeward Bound that was a boxer. One person told me Petey on the Little...
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    Color Examples

    They don't want to be "set right." They'd rather profit from ignorance? :( There have been numerous threads on the topic here, and those who "believe" are adamant and won't listen. Some of these dogs may have been mixed with some other breed to create the "black" coats.
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    Color Examples

    Okay, maybe you're right. But all the standards say two colors, "fawn and brindle." I was afraid this was going to turn in to a discussion about black. :rolleyes: There are several threads on this topic. Do a search and you'll find more than you every wanted to know. Basically...
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    Color Examples

    Great links Krikkit! I know there have been never-ending threads about genetics and colors here. My understanding is there are *really* only 2 colors of boxers: fawn & brindle. Fawn is also known as red, and can range from a light tan to a dark red color. Brindle is a fawn background...
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    soft comfy /cast iron bedding???

    I think we fuss over it more than the dogs really do. I've made "pads" for their crates, but often they're wadded up in the corner in the morning. :rolleyes: I found that if Bailey had something too fluffy or absorbent in her crate, she'd sometimes pee on it. It would soak through to the...
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    Strangest comments

    I got in the same discussion with someone, asking my what type of boxer I had. A boxer is a boxer is a boxer... I *think* people confuse boxers with bulldogs. Of course there are American Bulldogs and English Bulldogs (very different dogs). And then Bull Terrier, Bull Mastiff -- people just...
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    White Boxers- What is the strangest...

    Of course, we always got the pitbull comment about Remy. And the "experts" who would argue that he couldn't possibly be purebred boxer. :rolleyes: One guy at the dog park asked if I had ever seen a Dogo Argentino, because my dog looked like one. "Oh, they're so ugly, and, they look kinda...