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    So we normally don't give our dogs flea preventive pills. We tried Comfortis with Luke some time ago only because he's so allergic to flea bites that summers were horrible for him. The Comfortis made him violently ill and so we stopped. His last vet visit the vet recommended Nexgard. He said...
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    Rectal bleeding/bloody stool

    So we visited Ms. Lilly this morning and it was obvious she felt better. She was all wiggles. Her blood work has been normal other than the expected differences due to the loss of blood and fluid. They did an X-ray of the belly and found no abnormalities other than the incidental finding of...
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    Rectal bleeding/bloody stool

    I haven't been to boxerworld in some time but needed to talk about this. I got home today to a house that looked like a crime scene and my poor Lilly sitting on the couch in shock, literally. There were blood pools in four or five places with other spots of vomiting. I immediately took her to...
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    So far not good...

    So sorry you guys are going through this. Will keep you in our prayers.
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    Thanks guys. It turns out Luke has Giardia. His appetite isn't that great right now so I'm a little worried about that.
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    Our Luke is sick. He began vomiting about last Thursday and we saw the vet last Friday. They took some X-rays and determined there was no obstruction or nothing lodged anywhere. Gave hima shot for the nausea and some bland dog food to help. I thought he was getting better or seemed to be...
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    Leather Furniture

    Thanks guys. The smell thing kind of worries me because I know it will be almost impossible to keep them on one spot.
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    Fostering a new pup...yeah right he will be ours!

    So sorry to hear about Chops. It sounds like Bronson was meant to be with you guys.
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    Leather Furniture

    So we're thinking about buying leather furniture to replace the sectional we have now. I'm wondering how leather would withstand the roughness of our dogs. They don't chew the furniture but they play and are allowed to sleep or nap on them. So my concern is would the leather tear easily...
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    Lily is 5 Today!!!

    Happy birthday Lily! Hope you had a wonderful day!
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    Marley had to be put down :(

    I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds like sweet Marley was very much loved and had a wonderful life. I will keep you in my prayers.
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    Need some help

    My daighter's frenchy did that when she first brought him home. Besides it being gross it causes health problems. There's a term for it but I can't remember it. We tried the pineapple thing and I don't think it worked. We just picked up as soon as he pooped and eventually he stopped. It was...
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    Incessant barking

    Hi guys. I haven't posted in a while. My daughter got a French bulldog, Diesel, and he is now about six months old. We got him when he was about 10 weeks old. He gets along great with our boxers and they've had to teach him some manners, but they are good together. I have a question about...
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    Bella is so not a water dog!

    Poor Bella! Loved the video. She was just too cute....Thanks for sharing...
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    Excessive Drooling

    Was she throwing up or were there any other symptoms with the nausea? We did. She saw the vet yesterday and her ears are fine and she did not have a fever. She was all wiggles and love at the vets office and so he said she didn't appear to be in any pain. He put her on a steroid for a...