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    News headline.

    Uggh.. I cant believe this, wonder what the living conditions where or what would make the poor baby do this?... Miami-Dade County man fatally mauled by dog Associated Press MIAMI, Fla. - A man was fatally mauled by one of his dogs, authorities said. Pablo Fleites, 56, was found dead...
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    Separate walks - What are your boxers like?

    Funny, Lucy has always been a pain to walk with Patch, she will zig zag all over, jump on patch, attack him and his leash. One day Patch had enough of his walk :) so I took him back and continued to walk her (to tire her out :)) and she was perfect, never pulled, walked right beside me...
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    Hi Newbie from Florida

    I just saw this post and another you did. Where in Florida are you? Did you get Cabbott from BARC? I saw him and his brother (I guess) Graham and tried to adopt them. He is so cute.
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    B&W of my baby

    She is so freakin cute!!!!!!!! :)
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    Doggie Door help please!!

    Lucy wouldnt go through ours either, Patch (our other furbaby) had no problems. Lucy was scared of the flap. after many treats and trying constantly. She finally started getting the hang of it and now I dont know what i would do without it. Give it time. She will get used to it.
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    bad news

    Just wondering if you found a good home for Tyson yet?
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    What do you think of doggie doors?

    we love ours, Lucy and Patch just whip right on through in and out all day. at night and stuff I will shut the main door so they cant get out. Never had any problems with it, except when you shut the door and Lucy doesnt know it and bangs right into it :lol: other than that its great. they...
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    Echo and Carson

    OMG That is soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!! I want another puppy now (well two so they can cuddle!!!)
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    bad news

    May, I ask why you cant keep Tyson? did he not get along with your other dogs? did something happen?
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    male found in Ft Walton

    Well Tyson seems pretty much at home all ready!!! if you ever want a play date let me know!!! Good luck!!
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    How crooked are your baby's teeth?

    Lucy's arent crooked but they are so tiny its like her baby teeth never fell out, or she grinds her big teeth down to the gums, makes her look even goofier, makes me love her more :)
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    Pensacola Boxers get together??

    Its time for a real get together!! okay i know we keep saying this, but we need to do this, we keep seeing these pensacola, FWB and Navarre people, so we need to get together. We should try to plan something.
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    male found in Ft Walton

    Kermit, I work in Ft. Walton, but have seen no signs for lost dogs or in the paper, ( I always check) If you need any help let me know, or even just a play date, Lucy is always looking to play, good luck with Tyson, and I hope Frogsmom is correct if it is someone that has lost him from far away...
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    Pensacola Play Date

    we will have to try for another weekend then, (i may have to work anyway, always works that way doesnt it) let me knwo when is good for you). have fun at the show, hope Duke has fun, sounds like he will!!
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    Pensacola Play Date

    SOrry about Sunday totally forgot had to do something, supposed to be nice this weekend, anyone up for this weekend? planning ahead so i know I am good lol. especially in the mornings