Julie P.

In 1993, I saw my first boxer at a dog obedience class; it was love at first sight. I couldn't believe how sleek, funny and smart this boxer was. She got everyone in this class attention, including mine. Since then, I have been extremely devoted to the boxer breed. I have had three boxers: Deeg, Emma and Magic. I lost Deeg and Magic to Ranibow Bridge. Emma is still with me and loyal companion. She has grey on her face, but she is filled with energy and for that I am thankful.

Boxers, friendship, mixed art media and Zumba. I never grow tired of caring for my boxer. I look forward to every task walking, feeding, grooming, playing and loving them. I race home from work to get my daily hugs, kisses and a few laughs from my boxer.
Mar 13, 1960 (Age: 60)
How many brindle boxers do you own?
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How many fawn boxers do you own?
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How many white boxers do you own?
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I am a case manager for people who have developmen


Julie, My Magic and Our Deeg and Sweet Emma
"Magic, my girl forever." 1/97-9/04
Deeg, my loving rescue boy. 10/04 - 4/2/13



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