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    How quickly do boxers learn agility?

    I would say that if you don't have the skills, you will find Open very difficult and be lucky to get through Novice at all. I can recall some very tricky Open courses and because there were a couple of things that J.C. didn't do really well, we didn't qualify. If there is a weak spot in your...
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    Best way to teach weave poles?

    Weave poles seems to be the hardest thing for them to learn. J.C. was taught by leading him through them. First on leash, and later with treats. If you want to practice, weave poles are the easiest obstacle to make yourself. You use iether a wood pole or pvc pipe with a nail on one end...
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    boxers and autism?

    Unfortunately, not all such stories have a happy ending. Our current boxer, Max, is a rescue. He was an owner surrender that came from a home with a 3 year old boy with autism. Unfortunately the boy wasn't always very nice to Max so Max developed some aggression issues. After spending a lot...
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    any advice from adoptees can't decide to buy or adopt

    Definitely adopt! As has been already stated, just because they are in a rescue does not mean there is any thing wrong with them. Maybe it's just me, but I sometimes think a rescue forms a closer bond. I guess it really depends on the situation. There are always dogs looking for homes so I'm...
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    Anyone do Rally-o

    I used to do both Rally and Obedience with J.C. We did pretty good at both of them but I think J.C. enjoyed the agility more, even though he wasn't the most ambitious dog you'll ever meet. They are both fun to do and I highly recommend you try them. You need to do a fair amount of training to...
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    Happy Birthday Cheryl (Draymia)!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! birthdayic fiestaicon HAVE A GREAT DAY!
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    Surgery tomorrow

    Glad to hear it wasn't an MCT!appicon
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    Surgery tomorrow

    Hoping that it turns out to be nothing to worry about........
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    Application responses - A Question for Those Involved in Rescue

    We are a foster home so the applicants are approved by others before we see them. If they are interested in the dog we are fostering then they are referred to us. At that point I e-mail them and tell them a little bit about the dog. If there is more than one I will tell them up front that...
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    New agility jump!

    You are a very brave man! I wouldn't have done that! :lol: (Or if I did, I would have blamed it on the dog!) :lol:
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    Speed and no focus

    Speed is great, but, as you have learned, without control you get chaos. It sounds like Oxford has a lot of extra energy. Over time he may lose some of the "enthusiasm" and settle down, but until then you should find ways to burn off some of that energy shortly before you go to practice. If...
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    Handler question (agility)

    It will really depends on Johann. How willing is he to try new (and scary) things? Is he willing to work at a distance or does he like to be right by you? Learning the obstacles won't be too bad and if you have someone who could help you it should be no problem. How much mobility do you have...
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    1st agility class AGH!

    Hang in there, it will get better!cool2icon
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    George 2001-2010

    Amanda, I am so sorry to hear about George. It's really hard when it happens so suddenly. I know when J.C. passed I was totally unprepared and took it quite hard. I was even less prepared for how hard our AmStaff took it, hadn't realized they were that close. Know that, while you never get...
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    New family member - Chevy!

    That is so good to hear! I wish there were more people like your son out there. There are so many pits out there that need homes. My last boxer boxer came from a rottie and pitbull rescue. They have dogs there that I know have been there at least 6 years and still haven't found a home. Our...