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    My boy is gone :(

    So so sorry for your loss. Take comfort in the fact that Cain is no longer suffering. x
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    Do you sometimes think about other breeds...

    Hi Roge, If you are looking or know someone who is- and have fb- there is a page called Boxers For Adoption in Ireland run by a girl in Kerry- there are always a few boxer beauties looking for homes on it- Many are adopted to the UK though as not enough homes step forward in Ireland. Also the...
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    Introducing Chance!

    Ahhhhh- he is so stinking cute!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The New Addition!!!

    Haha- I know 3 is enough- I know it is but I still find myself looking at other babies- its like a box of chocolates- no matter how many you stuff into your mouth- you always want just one more!!!!! I say the more boxers the merrier- sure what difference does one more make:P
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    The New Addition!!!

    I know- its strange sometimes boxers are rehomed quickly but other times they arent so lucky. I find the pups and young ones go quick and the slightly older and old babies don't for some reason. I suppose everyone wants a cute puppy:( But Im the winner here and he is too- my boxer hotel has a...
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    The New Addition!!!

    My boy is the very same as your boy in this pic!!!. My 2 'originals' seem to be aware of their size and feet but this boy isnt and he packs some punch when u wake up to him climbing all over you to get cuddles or when you get the unexpected pounce while sitting on the sofa! He definitely thinks...
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    The New Addition!!!

    Ya he is the perfect age and a big goof ball too! Doesnt realise how big he is either- climbs all over me, sleeps on top of me and generally thinks he is a micro dog!! Clumsy as hell too!! Like with your experience- i think rescues tell you the dogs are older so you will think they are...
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    The New Addition!!!

    The shelter thought he was between 3 and 4. But the second I saw him i thought he was younger and so does my vet. We think 12-18months. So much of his behaviour and appearance screams puppy! He is such a cutie pie!! Joeys Pound picture...
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    Chief needs a new home

    Boxers can be a handful but with some consistent training im sure Chief 'going crazy' when someone calls over can be helped. A baby is a big change for all of you but give Chief a chance and dont rush into anything- as you said in your introduction- you have had him from a pup- he is part of the...
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    The New Addition!!!

    I know i havent been active on here in a while but I thought now is the best time to come back on and introduce you all to Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah..................Joey!!!! Joey is a male, red and stunningly beautiful boy I adopted before the Christmas holidays! He was found straying in Dublin...
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    Hello from Ireland

    Hi Lilydee, Nice to see another Irish member! Where are you based??
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    Totally devastated

    Fingers crossed for little Raine. Wishing her all the best- Boxer hugs n kisses from Ireland. xxx
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    What food do you use in the UK

    My James has a very sensitive stomach and grains dont suit him. he hated james wellbeloved and i couldnt stand the smell off it myself. orijen is great quality but was too rich for him (as with a lot of boxers) ran right through him acana is great but we changed to simpsons recently and he is...
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    I want this soooo bad!!!!

    That is stunning! My house is covered in doggie stuff already and if i had the money id have this!! very cool!
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    Arabella Catching Up on BoxerWorld

    very cute!