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    Does your boxer stand over your feet/legs?

    Both of mine do it. Our boxers are just sooo loving, they always want to be near us. Whether we're in the office, bedroom, bathroom - they are there...even though they could be doing something much more entertaining. Oh and Zeus will lean on my legs but Titan does the stand over the crossed...
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    Home for White Boxer Girl in Mississippi/AL

    Yay! I'm loving watching you two arrange a new home for this unfortunatle little girl. Bless you both. angelicon
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    Down Side to Owning Boxers?

    I agree with the boxer gas! It is awful, and although my husband and I have a good laugh over it - I'm not sure our guests are as entertained. Haha. But I just light candles and call them my little stink-pots...stinky or not I wouldn't trade them for the world :0) Oh...and I've decided...
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    Harness or chocker chain

    We use the Gentle Leader halter on both of our babies and they walk wonderfully. These can be purchased at your local Petsmart (and I think Petco too). Good luck! Heather & the kids
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    Boxer - Themed Nursery

    That's great! Our nursery (due in April) isn't Boxer themed, but we have frames hanging with black and whites of our babies. Oh, and we have a stuffed Boxer for his baby toy ;) Good luck! Show us pictures when it's done! - Heather & the kids -
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    Christmas Pictures

    I love the antelers!!! Made me laugh out loud :D
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    Gus doesn't feel good :(

    I just caught this thread! Hope Gus is feeling better and the spitting up is slowing down. I was going to recommend Pepcid (that's what helps when Zeus spits up) but it looks like you've already got that one on the list ;) Good luck!!! Boxer wiggles - Heather and the kids
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    boxer magnet #4

    I wish ya'll were closer! We could start a Boxer rescue together :D Seriously though - bless you for being that little's ones answer to her prayers. If only everyone were as giving as you... Have a wonderful weekend, Heather and the "kids"
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    New in ATX

    Welcome from your Round Rock neighbors :) I hope you enjoy BW as much as I do!!! Heather and the "kids"
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    Elvis went to the bridge yesterday :(

    I am so sorry for your loss - and know that you are in our prayers. Run free sweet boxers.... Hugs - Heather and the "kids"
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    Need healing vibes

    My thoughts are with you and I hope the hospital appointment can answer some of your questions. Mike sounds miserable - there must be something they can do to relieve some of those symptoms. Keep us posted. Heather and the "kids"
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    Microchip Implants

    Mmmm....I didn't have such a postive experience as most of you. But, to begin, I think microchipping is FANTASTIC and both of my pups are chipped. Zeus had his put in when he was under for neutering. BUT Titan was chipped when she was awake and it was awful. The needle was huge and they had...
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    My Granddaughter has open heart surgery 1st October

    You and your family are in our prayers. Heather and the "kids"
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    We have Miya in our thoughts. I hope you have been able to bring home a healing happy girls. Heather and the "kids"
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    Roxy pulled out of her collar (long)

    I'm glad everything turned out okay. Once my pups chased a jogger down the street and it scared the heck out of us so I can only imagine how terrified your daughter must have been. Naughty Roxy ;)