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    Any other PCOS patients here?

    Yea, the side effects of the metformin are starting to kick in I think. I'm getting to brave with my food choices...potatoes DON'T agree with me at all!!! Thankfully that's about it! The provera isn't fun tho~bloating, cramps, tender ta-ta's but no AF yet soo....
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    Any other PCOS patients here?

    I've been MIA too LOL So here's my update:: All my hormones were still off but I'm not IR (yay) so he started me on 500mg of Metformin. I've had no probs with that. Yesterday I went to the OB/GYN & he gave me Provera & Clomid & increased my metformin to 1000mg a day. So I started the Provera...
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    Any other PCOS patients here?

    Well YAY for the BP being down. Exercise is amazing for so many reasons & that's proof right there!! SS to hear what the fertility doc said! Is he going to atleast recheck your androgen levels after the 6 wks/4 mths to see if they're still up? I've read that rarely does metformin work...
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    One year tomorrow

    How sweet! I'm sure Madison is at the Bridge watching over the other boxer angels!
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    Any other PCOS patients here?

    Thankfully where we're at there is only a clinic & we get referrals to the specialists So that's all I've been seeing. So the endo. says I have "classic" labs of PCOS & based on other symptoms I def. have it. I def. have the 3 you listed & then some. So I got more labs drawn, a shot of ...
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    Any other PCOS patients here?

    See what happens when I'm outta the loop for 3+ years? LOL They said based on my blood results I do have PCOS. I go to an endocrinologist 4-3 (I don't have a thyroid either) & then I have an appt with an OB/GYN for the fertility issues. So we'll see what's to come. Thankfully my husband's...
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    Aasha after first time at dog park.

    Awww he's down for the count!!
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    Weird table manners!

    Harley does that too. They'll be a line of kibble across the kitchen into the living room cuz his "lips" are too big LOL He goes to his spot to eat what's in his mouth & then eats the "line" as he makes his way back to his bowls!
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    Oprah episode on puppy mills

    I read about that episode today. She's doing it kind of in memory of her cocker spaniel that just passed. Hopefully she puts this ugly business in the spot light for everyone to see how horrible it is...& hopefully I can stand to watch it ;) It breaks my heart...
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    My Boxer babies

    Oh my, how precious!!
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    Roxy is home

    Roxy is adorable! Makes me want another puppy :)
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    ACL surgery for Zoe

    Like any boxer~she's a CRAZY girl. Somehow last year she had a partial tear but it became a full tear within the past month (thanks to playing under the fence with the puggle next door). She hobbles on 3 legs & toe taps & can barely get around now. She's also get dysplasia/arthitis in the...
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    chloe at animal hospital

    I'm just reading all this & I hope & pray Chloe gets to come back home soon. Pancreatitis is a rough fight but it sounds like they're getting it under control. Many prayers coming your way...
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    Boxer or Cat?

    Zoe leans over the arm of the chair watching like that! It's too funny!
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    Any other PCOS patients here?

    I go Tuesday to find out my blood results & to get further testing to see if I have PCOS also. I've been told before I did but then the blood work showed I didn't (the Dr. did it at the wrong time in my cycle). But I've still got most of the symptoms. Obviously I hope I dont' but then I'd...