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    Difference in German Boxers?

    Interesting Advise! Thank you for your advise. I will check with our military vet here in Stuttgart and find out more information. I know from other pet owners that on the economy, neutering or spading is not a surgery that the German government/pet activist favors upon. It is a strange land...
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    "Your dog is hideously ugly!"

    Stunned and I would be speechless too! Wow, I was really laughing at the last person's entry, but I too would have been a little taken back. Doesn't this person know that beauty is only skin deep! Good Grief! Even the ugliest of uglies are beautiful! Look at Prince Charles, now that takes a...
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    Hi From Georgia

    Just left Georgia What part of Georgia are you from? We just left Atlanta about 8 months ago. Our brindle boxer, Alexandria was born in Dublin, Georgia. She is now 28 months old and still has tons of puppy in her. Welcome aboard!
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    Gas prices

    Gas just dropped 7 cents a gallon! Our local AFN (Armed Forces Network) announced that gas is going to drop, effective 1 February, 7 cents/ gallon for both regular and super unleaded. Currently we are paying $2.07 a gallon for regular unleaded and our fast car uses super unleaded to the tune...
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    Difference in German Boxers?

    Euopean Boxers do look very different! Here in Germany, there are very stick laws about what you can do to your dog even if it is a pure breed. For instance, you may not crop the tail, ears or even remove the duclaw (hope I spelled that right). I saw the cutest male boxer, but his jaw looked...
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    Please help!!!

    There is someone out there that would love her! First congratulations for being accepted into the police academy! I had hoped my youngest daughter would have gone that route, but she has her own road to pave. Regarding your 2 year old. Alexandria still gets excited and jumps around in pure...
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    Hello from Cassie's mum in Scotland

    Little ones Hi, your introduction brought back funny memories of when Alexandria when she was just 9 weeks old when we brought her home. Unfortunately she had pneumonia, but once checked over by our vet and shots and medicines were given, she was always into mischief. Her favorite pastime was...
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    Hello from sunny South Africa

    Sunny vs Snow How does your boxer deal with the heat? While living in Georgia for just 18 months prior to moving back to Europe, Alexandria really dislike the heat. She was born in Dublin, Georgia. According to the Georgians, it was really a very mild summer! We even had almost 10 inches of...
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    First Time Visit for Alexandria of Dublin

    Overseas Assignments My husband also was in the Army, retired in 1998, was picked up as a GS employee with full benefits prior to the new ruling which states all overseas hires will not get local quarters allowance (basically, your house, utilities, trash are free). We requested to move over...
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    I just joined today- Here is Stella!

    I have two and they are best of buds! Even though Alexandria is a Boxer and Buster is a Cocker (and about 11 years older) they are best friends. I won't tell you that you will have twice the work, but they will occupy each other which helps when you want to do something.
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    First Time Visit for Alexandria of Dublin

    Even though this is the 3 tour for me, it is Alexandria's first and I think she is adjusting well in Stuttgart. Alex is a 29 month old female brindle boxer with a black mask and white socks. She was born in Dublin, Georgia, thus the name Alexandria of Dublin. Alex is very loving and does this...