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    gremlin jack
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    ear licking wierd?

    So he's just normal wierd then
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    ear licking wierd?

    Hi everyone its been a while since I've been on here, our dizzy and jack (our rescue has been here for over a year now) are best buddies, Jack does this ear licking thing and i was wandering if anyone knows what its all about, is he trying to be dominant. He licks dizzys ears all the time...
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    New Boxer and Older Cats

    We have an old 17 year old cat (floyd) dizzy was raised with him so absolutly fine she uses him as a pillow when they sleep on the sofa but Jack is a much more boistrous dog and he trys to play with floyd, he's been cuffed a few times but still goes back for more. I don't think Jack understands...
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    DH won't consider adopting

    I dont think you can guarentee a healthy dog whichever way you go - we adopted George as a pup (11 weeks) from a customer who didn't want him and he was really sick. We got Dizzy from a breeder and she is healthy as a bean, we got dizzys sister from the same breeder and she died at 15 weeks and...
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    Update on Jack our Rescue Boy

    Hi everyone just thought I would give you all an update on Jack our rescue boy as we have had him for three months now. He is such a loveing boy, him and dizzy are best of buddies. He has put on nearly all the weight he needs to, he just doesn't have the chest mass yet, but I am sure it will...
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    Seasonal allergies / itchy scratchy

    I too am grateful for finding your thread. Jack is so scratchy he looks all patchy and his eyes swell up, we have cut out gravy bones and changed to Lamb & Rice James Wellbeloved instead of Turkey and Rice and are giving him benydrl but he looks propper scraggy. He will have to go back to the...
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    Eating Cat Poo!!!!

    My dogs love cat poo, think its the caviar of the dog world, I have to keep my cat litter in a place they cant get at, and if the cat has an accident its a race to see if I can get a bag before they get to it. Gross hey. I've never heard of anything to feed with the cats food though. My old...
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    Weird little Puppy, lol

    Dizzy does it, George did it too, I think Jack might get there eventually, being a rescue I'm not sure he's had enough joy to wiggle that good yet. He kind of talked for the first time today. We actually call Dizzy - woo woo - she talks so much wooo.
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    Yuck Fox & Badger Poo

    Dizzy has taken to behaving like a terrier she keeps finding badger or fox poo and rubbing her neck in to it like she's found a free bottle of chanel no 5! She never used to do this but my friends terrier types have always done it. I thought it was the terrier in them trying to cover up their...
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    Goning to meet Jack

    Just thought I'd give you all an update on Jack. His hole in his back is well and truely healed (I don't know if the hair will ever grow back?) He has put on nearly 3kgs and is starting to look like a boxer. Him and Dizzy are the best of friends and spend all day playing like loonies. We...
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    13 long days with my rescue!

    God don't give up that quick, we have had Jack 3 weeks and I still have moments of thinking what the hell have i done. Try ignoring her bad habbits and praising her good ones, she won't know the difference in what you are saying because she doesn't speak English. Ignore her when you leave and...
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    Socializing an Adult dog

    Jack is doing really well, he is still very excitable when he sees another dog but he sits down and lets them pass (mostly) now. Dizzy is doing a fantastic job of teaching him to play and run, if anything, she gets a bit too bossy with him some times. We are still keeping him on a lead for now...
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    Lola & Zeb reduced me to tears tonight

    It sounds like you all have a bit of a nightmare at walk times. Jack the rescue we got 10 days ago was a bit of a handful at first out walking but within 10 days he has calmed right down. He lays on the floor when another dog is approaching us now instead of bouncing all over them and barking...
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    Goning to meet Jack

    Jack is well and truely at home with us now. He has a bad misshaped jaw, and is thick as a brick but is going knowwhere now because he belongs here with us. We are still stuggleing a little bit with his bad dog manners but i am sure we will find a way through. for now jack loves a whole lot...