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    Exactly how is it my fault? I don't understand.

    So I am sitting in the couch eating a cupcake. My boy is watching me closely but not trying to take any. When I am done I let him lick my hand clean. A few minutes later my husband starts yelling and says it is all my fault. I said I don't even know what happened. He says you let him lick the...
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    He Peppered me!!

    I am fine. And yes it is hilarious. I can laugh about it now. Happened the beginning of December.
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    He Peppered me!!

    So I am getting ready to leave the house and I put on my coat. My eyes start to run. I get into the car and reach for a Kleenex to wipe my eyes. I put it in my pocket and feel a paper towel. Now I feel a sneeze coming on. I grab the paper towel. It is wet. No time to assess. I sneeze. My face is...
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    Nose Work 1 title

    Holy Crap!! I am in shock. Christos and I went to our first dog competition. Talk about nervous jitters. I trusted my dog and handled like I have never handled before and we ribboned. I can't thank my trainers and breeders enough for everything they have done for us. I never could have...
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    Boxer's Cafe in Huntingdon, PA

    Wonder if it is the same people that had a restaurant/bar in Holiday Park?
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    Barkbox Petbox etc.

    Good to know. Thanks. Maybe I need to switch companies. I need to post a photo of what I received. I could have bought my toy at Walmart. Not impressed. What I received is probably valued at higher than what I paid but I dont think I would have ever picked these things up in a store to...
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    Barkbox Petbox etc.

    First box Okay. I received my first Petbox. Not real impressed. I received a Canine Lickety Stick, a Spot Bonus treat ball and two very small bags of cod treats. I did pick my own things but looking at a website and actually seeing are two different things. The value of my deluxe box. I...
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    Mamma's girl to the rescue

    He has been on Earthborn and Zignature. Both high quality foods. I think the reason he was scooting that day was because of all the gnats. In retrospect. Because he has not scooted again since that day and I never did get his glands expressed. I think he just likes to embarass me in...
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    Super lucky, great deal I got an ad from Big Lots for Dog Coats and sweaters of all sizes. I never thought I would find anything. I actually found two coats from AKC for $12 each. My boy is only 15 months and 55# and measures 29" around the chest. The straps were not long enough but the...
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    Mamma's girl to the rescue

    No replies I am so weirded out that there are not any replies to this but lots of readers. I hope I did not give anyone bad vibes with this post. I thought that it was a positive thing that she stepped in as an elder and politely and in a non threatening manner corrected the youngster...
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    Barkbox Petbox etc.

    Has anyone used any of these services? I belong to Graze Box for myself. Portion controlled yummy snacks. Convenient for work, on the go or the nervous dog handler that cannot eat. So I was on Groupon the other day and saw this Pet Box. I am constantly trying new toys and treats so I...
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    Mamma's girl to the rescue

    update Passed his CGC. Used shaping to get him comfortable with getting his bum touched again. No further problems. He still respects Sable as his confidente to keep him on the straight and narrow. They are so funny playing together. She is so happy to have another dog that can keep up...
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    Lure Coursing

    So excited. We get to go for his CAT in october. which is a coursing aptitude test. I am hoping this is something we can add to our activities. Currently he is active in nose work. He has passed his ORT and is preparing for his Nose Work 1 title. Shaping class has helped with some of his...
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    Passed his CGC

    So proud of my boy. He took his CGC and passed. He tried for therapy dog in the spring but failed because he jumped on someone. He was still a pup. Still kinda is. He is 15 months old.
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    Some great bargains for my boys

    So being involved in doggy sports can get expensive. I am one of those I must have everything people. I dont have children so my Boxers get it all. Hubby is not so happy about my spending. Yes, I am spending outside my means so he has a right. But I just cant stop so I needed another...