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    Diet for pancreatitis?

    Hello, My boxer gets bouts of pancreatitis. She has not had a flare up at all since I put her on Natural Balance reduced calorie. I did a lot of research on this a few yrs. back when we made the switch. I took the list of ingredients, percentages etc. into my vet to have him review it and he...
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    Mild seizures while sleeping ??

    I know that dogs can sometimes shake a little, make noises etc. while they are sleeping... maybe dreams ??? Who knows. This past week though my female has had several episodes where she has just started shaking in her sleep. Once this past week it was enough to wake me up because the whole bed...
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    2 male boxers in need of loving homes, West MI

    The boys were adopted, together ! Yea ! Just thought I would pass it on since it is great news.
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    2 male boxers in need of loving homes, West MI

    Okay, so after researching more looks like I should have posted this in the forum below. Also, If you want to see them they are listed at as Bud and Stanley. I guess that would be the best way to contact if you are interested. They are apparently both super sweet dogs, I hope...
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    2 male boxers in need of loving homes, West MI

    I hope this is the right spot to post this. I have a friend who is currently fostering 2 male boxers about two yrs. old that need a permanent home. They are both neutered, up to date on all shots etc. They are bonded so ideally she would like to find a home for both of them together, but will...
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    pushing his paw in my face whilst lying down

    Odin often paws at me when he wants me to pet him or let him onto my lap. His sister never does this. It is quite cute and enduring but before giving into him he has to sit for a minute or do something else and then he is allowed to cuddle....I think it is sweet :)
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    Meet Zoe!

    Hello to Zoe and her fun parents ! I am glad to see you on here ! Lots of great folks on BW !
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    Mystery Illness

    So I thought Freyja had pancreatitis again but I took her to the vet today and her levels are normal. Vet gave her some Pepcid and said he could not find anything wrong with her. Maybe it was just GERD. I am very concerned. I know my baby is not herself, she has not even attempted to play...
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    Clear nails changing color

    I think I have read somewhere on this board about yeast in the nails changing them colors. I noticed the same thing in my boy Odin's nails and asked the vet about it after reading the other post (which I honestly can't quote exactly what it was about) but I was concerned Odin may have an issue...
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    pancreatitis - again ??

    I know we are not supposed to post directly to other members so I will not do that :) But I am hoping that some of the folks that gave my great advice on this before will come across this post and respond. Freyja had a bad bout with pancreatitis a few months ago and I think it may be starting...
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    swollen eye and plugged up sniffer

    Took Odin back to the vet today and his lymph nodes in his legs were just fine. The Doc said it would have been strange for them to have been swollen so quickly from a bite and they wanted to get the bite swelling down to re-check them to see if they may have been swollen for fear of cancer ...
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    swollen eye and plugged up sniffer

    Thanks all for the well wishes....Odin's face looks almost back to normal this AM, so whatever shot they gave him helped a lot....right now he is out back tearing thru the backyard with his big he seems to be feeling fine. We go back to the vet tomorrow to have them check out his...
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    swollen eye and plugged up sniffer

    So I took Odin to the vet this evening as his cheek was getting so swollen it was moving towards his neck and that was freaking me said it was lucky I brought him in because the swelling was reaching his airway....and then he said his lymph nodes were swollen in his neck....but also in...
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    swollen eye and plugged up sniffer

    The vet said just to give him Benadryl for now and keep an eye on him...eye doesn't look as bulging now - but now it seems like his whole cheek is kind of I do not know if it is spreading out a little but going down some or if it is getting worse.....hard to say. I did find a...
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    swollen eye and plugged up sniffer

    Hey all, I am wtg. for a call back from the vet....Odin woke up this AM with one eye looking like a golf first I thought maybe a bite etc. He is breathing fine just in a normal state of things but I noticed when I let him out in the yard as he was sniffing around in the grass that...