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    eewww...blood, explosive diarrhea

    I know that this is disgusting-but I need some opinions- My husband and I were at a wedding today, we were gone for about 3 hours. As soon as we got home and opened the door, we could smell the poo. He is about 2 and a half years old and we are way beyond pooing in the crate. Jack is all the...
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    First Sensitive Boxer-Is this the allergies I have heard so much about???

    That is exactly what his flanks look like! I wouldn't be surprised if he is developing problems earlier than usual, as since we have had him-and his is just over a year mind you-we have had several bouts with mange, a tumor, and various other autoimmune problems-too many to list. We refer to him...
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    First Sensitive Boxer-Is this the allergies I have heard so much about???

    Okay, so recently we have noticed that our Jack's hair is thinning in places. If you look at him from above, it is just below where his ribs end, I guess the waist area. Just about in the same place on both sides. And now the skin that is visible is like a grayish color. It also looks like it is...
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    Was Jack A Beatles Fan In A Past Life?

    Okay-here goes. Jackson has been trained. He can do all the stuff. Sit, stay, hush, drop it, bring it, dance, over, just about whatever you ask him to do (or not do). He actually listens quite well now. That being said-HE IS STILL CRAZY WHEN HE SEES PEOPLE!! Hysterical!! Beatles Fan Crazy...
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    Where is his Big Boy Face?

    Jackson has his big boy bark too. Maybe he just has to grow into his face. Maybe he will look puppy forever. His fur is not as coarse as the other boxers we have had, so maybe he just has a way to go. I don't have any new pics of him downloaded from my camera, I haven't gotten around to the...
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    Where is his Big Boy Face?

    My boy will be a year old on the 21st. He is around 70 pounds. He has almost "squared" off everywhere, except his face that is. He still has the 'puppy face' he came with. Where is his Big Boy face?? How long should it take for his nose to square off?
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    Is there anything else we can try?

    We had to work for a long time with our pup on this, and we still do not have it perfectly yet. Try doing a forum search on recall. This should pull up alot of good stuff including this training exercise similar to what they use on horses. Something that really helped us was to buy a dog...
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    Problems in crate

    What we actually did was give him LESS room. Ours actually seemed to fall into the won't soil his den column. By using a divider, provided with most crates, you create a smaller area for the pup- just big enough to turn around in and lay down in. This calls upon that natural instinct and he...
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    Missing in action- Nutrients??

    I am wondering if anyone has had this issue- Our pup is eating everything. It is different from and is not the puppy chew stages, it is more like he is trying to eat things to fufill an appetite or something. He has swallowed whole now some bone treats, a plastic piece off something I haven't...
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    Drop It!

    Does anyone have a good way to teach 'drop it' and 'leave it'? Our guy gets most of the other commands, about as well as an 8mo. old will, except these two. Any help??
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    Training dog around ignorance...which is not bliss

    Does anyone have any advice on how to train your dog when there are others around who can't control their animals? We live in a very dog friendly community. It is an apartment complex, but we take the dog for long walks 2-3 times a day, 45 min to one hour at a time. As does everyone else...
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    behavior problems-NOT COOL!

    Pee Pee Xanders Mom- I was reading the forums and I ran across this one. Our Jack started to do the same thing with the peeing. It was warm out and I too put his crate out on the screened in porch. The inside (house) door was open so he could go out onto the porch and get into his house...
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    Growths, The Resulting Stink, and All Things Gross

    I have posted before about our pup having a hystiocytoma. We have waited and tried the iodine, and tried a whole lot of other things along the way. I just made an appointment on Monday to have it taken off. Today is Wednesday, 6 days from the scheduled surgery. When I woke my baby this morning...
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    Tread Marks....EEEWWW!

    Our cat does this thing where after he uses the litter he scratches at the wall. He will not use the pan if there is a cover on it...long story. I scoop the pan daily...That 'litter locker' is AWESOME. The problem is that sometimes his paws get dirty and I come home and find little streaks of...
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    Growing Pains...

    Just a question... Our guy is about 10 months old now. He was growing like a weed and now he has just stopped. Has gained only about a pound in the last 5-6 weeks. I know all of the info on when they 'officially' are finished growing, and the breed 'standards' and all of that. His is...