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    A kind of weird neutering question

    You could ask that they do a scrotal ablation when they do the neuter. That is completely removing the scrotom. I've seen it done occasionally on the short haiir larger breeds.
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    Apoquel for Itching

    X19er. No I haven't seen any change in water consumption or any side effects at all. With steroids even a super low dose makes her pee and drink like crazy so I never used those for more than a day. I just can't say enough good things about this med. it was almost weird to see my dog all of a...
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    Apoquel for Itching

    Apoquel has been a life savor for me. My 2 yr old girl has always had skin allergies from both food and environment and I've tried several diets, antihistamines, allergy injections, raw diets ect. She's been on Apoquel for a month now and within 24 hrs from starting it there was no more licking...
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    Hi from California!

    Welcome! I'm in CA too!
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    Hello fro Orange County

    Welcome! I'm in south Orange County
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    Malaseb shampoo

    The Poison label would have me concerned too. I work at an animal hospital here in California and our bottle is white with Malaseb in red writing.
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    Torn ACL -- Any alternative to surgery???

    Hope surgery goes well. My girl on her 1 1/2yr bday last month on the 5th had surgery. She had a TTA instead of TPLO. Which one are you having done?
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    Torn ACL - surgery?

    My Boxer is just 1 1/2 yrs old and just got back from the surgical specialist yesterday saying she has a partial tare. Being that Im in the general practice field with my own research I have chosen to do the TTA surgery. She has surgery on Tuesday. I have heard very positive things with the...
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    Hi From California!

    Hi everyone my name is Noelle and I am the proud owner of a 14month old flashy fawn boxer named Dolce! She is my lil sidekick that gets to go everywhere with me including to work (I work at an animal hospital). I have been interested in boxers for a few years now and one of our clients had her...