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    Very proud of Reo today :)

    Woohoo! I love it when our babies make great choices! WTG Reo!
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    Scare mama why dont u!!

    Awww I love this story! Wtg Lucy, even if you were a little stinker!
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    Wasp: 1, Malcolm: 0

    Poor baby! Definitely needs a snuggle!
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    Speaking from my experience with Daizy, I would definitely live life as normal as possible and let your puppy adjust accordingly. We did this and it worked out great. She learned to kind of 'go with the flow' and is super laid back.
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    I felt like crying

    I dont understand people. Like Leslie said, just because you think it, doesnt mean you let it out of your mouth!
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    first time dog/boxer owner

    Welcome from Daizy and me!! Best of luck with your sweet Dozer, boxers can be a wonderfully stubborn breed! ;)
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    the new neighbor......

    Not to be the "negative nelly", but my first thot after reading that he's being kicked out is the fear of retribution by the creep. Does he know that he's been kicked out because of how he made you girls feel? If so, please please please exercise huge precaution these next few days. His track...
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    Today marks the 'official' first day of football season in our home!! High school tonight, then college tomorrow, then pro on sunday, monday...Im sure you get it! We already have our outfits planned for each game. Anybody else out there an avid fan? What teams do you follow?
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    Thinking of adopting another boxer.....

    I'm SO envious! I decided a long time ago that when the time comes that another dog is an option, it will be a sweet senior boy. Who wouldnt want a mellow (usually), loving, handsome companion?? Very best of luck with this adventure, and as mentioned earlier, we will enjoy living vicariously...
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    Hello from OKC

    Welcome from Daizy and myself, just a little south of OKC! You'll love it here!
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    Grandpa is here!

    Havent been on in a while, but after watching my daizy tonight, I just have to share. Its been about 6 months since my father has been able to come for a visit so we decided to take advantage of the long weekend, and start a little early, and have him come for several days. Everyone has been...
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    Bailey is acting a little funny

    Exactly! Daizy is 2 1/2 and I think the older she gets, the more she insists on being in my lap at all times.
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    Any pointers on the "come" command?

    Sorry, I don't have any answers for you, only sympathy. Daizy is over 2 and we still haven't perfected the recall with her. She is never allowed of leash unless it's in our fenced yard because there are cows, horses, cars, people, you name it. Of course, I'm pretty sure she has selective hearing...
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    Daizy feels neglected

    I LOVE this idea however, we live in a very small town (it's 1 mile total to take kids to school, go to work, and make return trip :) ) and there isn't anything like this close by. I personally think I should be the one to get to start it but DH doesn't agree. Oh well. I am getting the new...
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    Daizy feels neglected

    Well, the skin kids are officially back in school and Daizy is NOT happy about it. I had to work yesterday so I didn't get to see first hand how lonely she was but I was home today and couldn't even go to the bathroom alone! I sat in the recliner, she sat on my lap, I did the dishes, she laid on...