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    Rash in Groin Area

    Cedar (5 year olds) has battled wtih skin allergies his whole life. For the past two years he has been really well under control but since January of this year he has been having a flare up of a rash in his groin. I took him to the vet and they prescribed Keflex thinking it is a staff skin...
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    Epulis versus gingival hyperplaisa?

    Thanks everyone. Yes I am familiar with no Ace and boxers. Whiskers it looks exactly like the picture you posted on the same tooth. Maybe I will just watch it and see how it goes. . . . Hmmm. . . .
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    Epulis versus gingival hyperplaisa?

    Cedar (almost 5 years old) has developed a small gum growth on his lower jaw right by one of his teeth. The growth is small (about the size of a small pea), but I have had it looked at by two different vets due to my fear of cancer in my dogs. The first vet said it was fine and just to leave...
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    Adding Mexiletine to Sotalol

    I have Riley on 80 mg of Sotalol at 6 am and 6 pm. He also takes 150 mg of Mexilitine at 6 am, 2 pm, and 9 pm. He has done pretty well on this schedule although he isn't as excited to eat his food, but hasn't had any collapsing episodes since being on this dose. We just do the best we can...
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    Drooping eyes and holding mouth open

    Update So River's bloodwork came back today and everything was normal except a little low on the T4 value (which we all know can be affected by other illnesses). We are still waiting for the valley fever test which takes about a week, but now the vet is thinking that he might have the early...
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    Drooping eyes and holding mouth open

    Thank you for everyone's responses. I took River back to the vet today and they examined his jaw and face and found nothing besides the same symptoms. He has normal nerve response in all of his face and pupil reaction is normal. We sent a big panel of bloodwork to the lab today including CBC...
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    Drooping eyes and holding mouth open

    River (2 years old) is having really weird symptoms that two different vets can't figure out. Last Wednesday night I noticed that River was holding his third eyelid up on his left eye. By Saturday I took him to the vet who stained his eye and examined him and couldn't find anything. We tried...
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    Arthritis/Torn ACL Glucosamine/Fish Oil dosages

    I have been using a product called Phycox (soft chewable nuggets) for my dog with knee problems with great results. I order it off Amazon and it is pretty reasonable. I have also used Glycoflex in the past with good results as well. Not sure if you want to go with a dog product, but I have...
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    Cyst - Gotten larger

    Cyst = Gone I took Cedar into the vet yesterday because they have walk-in on Sunday's at no extra charge. The vet said she really did think it was a cyst still, but that we should take it off just to be safe. It has been there for three years so most likely it isn't anything. They used some...
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    Cyst - Gotten larger

    Cedar (4.5) had a small marble sized lump on the back of his neck between 1 - 2 years of age (I can't remember exactly when it arrived). We did a needle aspirate and found it was just a cyst. The recommendation at the time was to just watch it and see how it went since it wasn't anything to...
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    Totally devastated

    So sorry to hear this news. I will say that my boxer, Cooper was diagnosed with about this same number of irregular beats at 2 years old and they said he could die at any moment. it was so severe that the cardiologist who read his holter called immediately and asked if she was still alive...
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    Bad Reaction to Pre-Anesthetic

    One week ago I took River in to get him neutered (he is almost 2 years old). He has had blood work done recently and a routine EKG revealed nothing (he is from fully health tested parents - holter, thyroid, SAS, etc. . . ). I dropped him off around 7:30 am and around 11 am the vet calls and...
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    Extremely Picky Eater

    River has slowly been making progress. I have been feeding hamburger/chicken/potatoes/lentils with a little dog food. He has been getting Seacure. It is a slow, long process with bumps along the way, but hopefully he will someday be a normal dog :(
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    New Orijen Recipes?

    Has anyone tried the new orijen recipes? I noticed they are slowly out at the stores and the price has gone up, but potatoes have mostly been removed. I have used Orijen before, but I am not currently using it. I was thinking of trying one of the new formulations, but wanted to see if anyone...
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    Extremely Picky Eater

    Pasta? So I am not sure if this is really good for dogs, but I made some pasta last night and River was really interested so I cooked some plain shells for him and mixed it with the chicken and he scarfed it down - go figure. I don't think there is much nutrition in it, but something is better...