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    Boston needs your prayers

    sending millions and millions of thoughts your way!! and even more healling vibes to your baby!! I wish they find a way to make him feel better.. poor puppy boy! angelicon
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    Snatchoo sept. 19, 2003 - feb. 20, 2014

    Thank you so much everyone.. it means a lot lovicon
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    Mexiletine and Sotalol

    I am so sorry for your Cooper.. :( My little Snatchoo died too. Now I surely think the cough in Cooper and Snatch's case was heart related... :(
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    starting with RAW - pre prepared

    Hi there :) The vomiting could also be him "cleansing" his body. When I switched, my boys both vomited/regurgitated for a week.. I chose chicken because it is the cheapest. I make my own raw and i grind whole chickens, i add livers and any pieces of beef that are on sale (you know.. those...
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    Snatchoo sept. 19, 2003 - feb. 20, 2014

    Thank you... so much. All your kind words mean so much! It hurts a lot. I think having Oxford with us helps a lot.. I just got his ashes back yesterday and one of my coworked friend has made a lovely paw print for me to keep... It will take time....
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    drinking and urinating alot!

    My boy got this .. exact same symptoms and it was a bad uti. I would ask for a urine analysis. It cleared up after 4 weeks of antibiotics :) Good luck!
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    Snatchoo sept. 19, 2003 - feb. 20, 2014

    I don't know where to start. . But my little brown puppy has left me. As I was away on my business trip, my brother in law was taking care of him.. he told me he was not eating... not unusual for Snatch not to eat when I was away... but I had that feeling.. you know.. that bad gutt feeling...
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    antibiotics dosage?

    Oh poor Gus! I would follow the dosage... I hope he gets better soon!
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    Mexiletine and Sotalol

    Oh my gosh! Snatch is coughing too! They also think of kennel cough. So we are on baytril and tramadol for 14 days. I am on a business trip. Snatch stopped eating while dh was also out of town. My brother in law kept our doggies and snatch refused to eat for 3 days. ... so now pills + no food =...
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    Mexiletine and Sotalol

    good luck! I worry all the time. it is not fun :( he still wants to play and acts crazy.. but the heart holter 24hrs test showed us in july and october that it is when he plays that his heart gets bad.... so each time i seem him play... my heart stops.... but i know it makes him happy.. so i...
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    Mexiletine and Sotalol

    I thought mexiletine was 3 times a day? (Every 8 hours) I give snatch sotalol .40mg twice a day and mexiletine 150mg three timea a day. Snatch was diagnosed with arvc and subaortic valve stenosis last july after he collapsed at 9.5 years old :( he was firat prwcribed sotalol. He had a...
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    Normal aging or something else?

    Snatch is 10. He did this last december. Drinking, extra potty.. then he stopped eating. We did everything. X ray, blood work.. etc.. ended up behing a really bad uti! 5 weeks on baytril.. he added an eye ulcer... more meds... well he was better after! :) He still need to potty more often...
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    What's Your Name?

    Snatch is "Snatchoo, Neenoo, Noo, Brown dog, Brownie, Best Brown Dog In The World, Natch, Natchoo, Puppy Dog, ... and Agnan (reference to "Le Petit Nicolas", a French kid book.. where Agnan is a little boy, first of the class, wearing glasses and crying for the littlest push to him.. hahahaha!"...
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    Heartworm meds questions.

    same here. i get "Heartguard Plus" from the vet office i work at ;)
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    TPLO surgery - I knew I shouldnt have done it

    Hi! I am SO SORRY you are having a hard time! I work at a vet surgical center in the PT department and trust me: starting at 2 weeks post surgery, at suture removal, we consult in physical therapy. 2 weeks post surgery: Passive range of motion, 5 minutes walk 3 times daily (adding 5...