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    Bella to be spayed this week.

    My old dog managed to tear the glued skin and take out the internal stitches while wearing the cone of shame! Sausage dogs are quite flexible, but even that effort had both myself and our vet scratching our heads!! not to mention ANOTHER vet bill to redo the stitches and antibiotics -__-"...
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    Hello BoxerWorld

    Welcome friend! Im sure plenty of stories will be coming our way about Miss Ali! im sorry for your loss, Stella sounds like an amazing girl :) Cant wait for pictures!!
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    Doing the Butt!

    OMG that is adorable!!
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    Heavy Hearted Hello

    Gatorblu is right - Everyone here will understand i havent been here long, but everyone has been great with info and feedback on everything. PLUS everyone is so nice!! I feel like such a greenhorn having just got my first boxer puppy, but i would love to eventually hear all your boy's...
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    The Beach

    Haha, i guess i shoulkd be careful what im wishing for hahaha naww i love it when they go crazy :)
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    Brego the jealous man or just being a cheeky monster??

    My little boy has recently taken to destroying my bf's stuff.... He doesnt touch mine (except sleep on one of my shirts), and he has to rifle through the clothes basket, either clean or dirty, to get to his stuff clothes. He also takes his shoes and hats and his sunglasses. He doesnt...
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    growling and sometimes snipping when hes tired.

    You cant discipline an animal using people techniques. It may have worked on you and it definitrly worked on me growing up haha i was a horror child! But animals, dont understand, they dont learn from negative reinforcement to be good, they learn to be defensive and soon become aggressive if it...
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    Does my boxer sleep too much?

    golly!! What i wouldnt pay to have one day with your boy! My pup has just hit one of his monster stages, this includes breaking pots, destroying the glasses, sleeping on the bed, putting out manzi's hair (saves me having to tackle her double collie coat!), digging under the pavers, pulling...
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    The Beach

    Thanks guys! he is starting to play with the sprinkler now (which he wasnt doing before) running through it and acting like a dope! He is growing up so fast :( Im sure with a bit of time he'll be the roughest toughest cuddle-monster at the beach, hunting down his prey and killing them...
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    The History behind "A Mans Best Friend" - where the saying originated

    Thanks guys! Its amazing what you stumble across while surfing the web :) Boxer World has made me a bit Boxer/Dog Crazy! haha
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    The History behind "A Mans Best Friend" - where the saying originated

    The Phrase "Man's Best Friend" originated in a court of law. Back in October 28, 1869, A man's dog (named old drum), was shot to death by a neighboor. Animals had no rights back in those days, but the man wanted justice and so he hired 3 lawyers to sue the man who shot his dog. One of these...
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    Rebelling Boxer??? Pease Help!

    I love it when they become, what my partner calls, MONSTERS! My pup is going through one of his monster stages right now, its hard to be a mother and a teacher when they go through this, half the time you wanna bang your head against a wall the other the dogs! but it really is just patience...
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    My Little Man- Brego :)

    Dedicated to the day i got my best friend! I was the runt, a little shy and coy, She sat cross legged with my favourite toy. I wasn’t gonna come, I wasn’t gonna play, I knew better and She wasn’t to stay. My brothers were all sold, My sister just the same, No one wanted the...
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    Comfort aids for arthritic dog?

    Im not sure if you get this stuff, but if you can get some "Penetrine" its great! We use it on horses mostly to help inflamation and joint pain, but it works just as good on dogs, i use it on my partners collie on her knee as the needles gave her other health problems. Its a liquid that...
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    Travel Sickness

    Thanks, i should have thought of Rescue Remedy! i use to use it before my horse competitions!! how much would you recommend a 3 and a half month old?? he's going in for his heartworm injection tomorrow so i'll also talk to the vet about what he would recommend too :) thanks for the...