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    Shyla missing in Ohio!

    No I am afraid we have not found her. Someone was seen at a house down the street with a dog fitting her discription to a T and we approached them about it and they denied a dog even having been there that day. We think they may have taken her off the street and possibly she is at a...
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    Princess is allowed on some of the furniture and not others. She does really good about staying off of what she isn't allowed on. Of course when we leave the room for too long she may try to sneak up but usually jumps right off when she sees us coming, its actually really funny! Of course she...
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    When is it gonna change??

    What the???!?!?!! That is unreal. How could that make sense to anyone! He went in took her cats and killed them with a shotgun and thats ok?? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! Connie
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    Hi! Welcome to you and all your boxers! BW is awsome! Connie
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    my second day at work!

    She is so cute! She looks just like my girl did when she was that little. Enjoy it cause before long her head won't even fit in the drawer! Connie
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    my baby boys

    Hi and welcome to you and your boys! I am sure if you love boxers you will love this site. WARNING:It is addictive! Connie
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    My sweet Holly-"Wally"

    HEY! Welcome to you and your boxer girl! This is a great site! Connie
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    Funny Pets

    That was cute, both my boys were laughing! Connie
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    hi to all

    Hi and welcome to BW!! Connie
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    How much biting is too much when playing?

    I agree with letting them work it out too. I also have a pug and a boxer. My pug was almost two when I got my boxer. They have worked out great together. Pugslee lets her know when enough is enough and if she doesn't listen he will come over by me and that is a safe zone. No horsing too...
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    New Pet Store in Town

    I know exactly what you mean!!!! I went thru the same exact thing a few months ago and it broke my heart. I did also give the owner a peice of my mind when I asked how long they would keep her if she didn't sell, and was told "till she sells". The only solution for me is not to go back in. I...
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    Boxer and ballons

    Princess wants to play with them but we keep them up away from her. My friends dog, rott/boxer mix, got one and almost died choking on it, so we don't let our dogs have balloons. Connie
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    Just Cropped!

    HI and welcome to BW. I don't have any answers for you. When Princess ears were done she wore a cone and we had no problems with the scratching. Hope someone else has the answers you need. If not you can always call back and be sure what they wanted you to do. Connie
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    Raisins/grapes can be dangerous for dogs - I had no idea!

    Thanks for the tip! Connie
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    Hates it when I cry

    Princess is the same way when I get upset. It is too cute! OH, and congratulations on the baby on the way! I bet you are excited! Connie