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    Three boxers versus two boxers?

    I have 3 2 males and a female its a good mix our house runs smoothly with them go for it!!
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    My daughters 4 yr old male boxer died unexpectedly yesterday

    How heartbreaking so sad so sorry for your loss Run Free Sweet angelicon
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    Bye baby boy :(

    So sorry for you loss such a young boy such a tragedy Run Free Sweet Riker angelicon
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    J.C. at the bridge....

    So sorry for you loss of JC Run Free Sweet angelicon
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    opinion needed

    problem 1 even though they come from a puppy mill they still need a home I have a rescue from a puppy mill best dog ever. I have fixed a litter at 8 weeks from my rescue who came from a puppy mill we adopted through the rescue we are with its actually easier on the pups and they are all fine...
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    Woofstock - June 13th and 14th

    Are you going this year again Brenda. I am working this weekend and won't be there but our booth is there with the prizes for the raffle and some of our rescues are there a new pup Abby will be there she is so cute!!
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    Woofstock - June 13th and 14th

    Are you going Brenda? I am working this weekend but our booth will be there Abby a puppy will bre there this weekend
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    Poop Disposal?

    Luckily I live in the country and have room to put it but my dogs drys up quickly with the food I feed I would maybe store it at the back of the yard in a pail let it dry a bit first and then bag it
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    My dog is a killer

    2 of my boxers have a high prey drive Cooper eats eggs and we have birds that lay eggs low hw will chase them out and eat there eggs chase any small animals Cooper has caught lots of mice also
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    Completely Frustrated with New England Rescues

    Congratulations on your new boy appicon
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    Can't understand it - why, why, why?

    What a sweet girl hoping she gets her forever home soon she will make someone a great pet and thanks to all who helped this girl along my Ruby from a bad background is the best dog ever she appreciates us more then my 2 who have been raised in a normal environment
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    Please Help! The humane Society put my Friends Boxer down!!!!

    Just reading this whole story I am at a loss of words such a horrible story I know you can never bring Boost back and I am truly sorry but hopefully this will NEVER be able to happen again I can't believe that they put that many dogs down with all the rescues around now living in Canada and...
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    uuuggghhh geese poop!!!

    We have Geese on our property this time of year they lay eggs at our shoreline and hang out I try to keep them away to close to the house by sending my dogs out to keep them away because they poop all over good thing they are vegetarians and the pooh is mostly seaweed and stuff but I pooper...
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    Ginger - 6/4/97 - 5/28/09

    So sorry for you loss but I am happy you got to spend 12 lovely years with your girl Run Free Ginger angelicon
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    Our Mr Milo has pasted on

    So sorry for your loss Run Free Milo Sweet angelicon