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    Boxer and Chihuahua question

    It does not matter if the Chihuahua is fixed or not. My eight, almost nine year old Chi is neutered and has been since he was five months old. He still marks in the house although all my male Boxers are also neutered. He also locks up with my two female Chi's, and has always done so. I was...
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    Lovin' the treats

    We also have birds...a Blue and Gold and an African Grey, and like your guys, mine also love fruits and veggies. :)
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    Hello, from El Paso TX

    Good morning, Shauna from a fellow Texan. Your babies are adorable. Of course people think we are crazy but that's okay, I wear that hat proudly. Looking forward to hearing more about all of you. Who in this world would abondon a five week old baby? :mad:
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    I'm Oscar's foster mom.

    Good morning and welcome to all of you from Texas. I read your story in rescue and I understand your situation. I wish you and Oscar all the best. Kudos to you for doing all you have done so far. Your an angelicon!
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    New from Texas

    Good morning and welcome to BW from a fellow Texan. Once you've gone Boxer it is just so difficult not to always have one. I'm just so happy you joined and looking forward to hearing more about all of you! :)
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    just saying hello

    Hello and welcome to you and Tyke. Glad you found BW!
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    Camping supplies for the Boxers

    Make sure you have proof of rabies vaccination...the paper work. We had a park ranger tell us the tag meant nothing to them. He let us off with a warning.
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    Today was Titan & Zoey's 3rd Birthday

    birthdayic to you Titan and Zoey! I know you had a wonderful time! :)
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    New parents to 2 white rescues-NC

    Welcome to all of you, Heather. How wonderful of you for rescuing Lily and Vinny. You will be paid back in leaps and bounds...and sloppy kisses and wiggles! Good luck in your attempt to getting the big Dad, also. I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about their homecoming! The best of...
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    hi from newcastle n.ireland

    Hello and welcome to you and Mylo from all of us in Texas. I am looking forward to hearing more about both of you. We have 3 white Boxers and a flashy fawn male (Grandpuppy). Glad you found BW, you will love it! :)
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    We bought one cuz about two months...big mistake since we have four Boxers. I just recently ordered five Ruffians from a catalog, which were a lot cheaper than Petsmart. It is the best toy ever made and the only one my Golden can not destroy. :)
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    Hello, new boxer owner, Loving it!!

    Hello, Maureen and welcome to you and Trooper. :)
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    Hi from West Michigan

    Hello and welcome from all of us in Texas. Glad you found BW. Kudos to you for rescuing Annie! :)
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    Hello from Wichita

    Hello and welcome to all of you. Your little Jax is adorable and we look forward to hearing more about all of you. You will really enjoy this site. I joined last August before I got my Haley and they have been so very helpful. :)
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    Who is your boxer more attached to??...

    All four are 'Momma's babies' but they love DH. Of course, I'm with them 24/7's. :)