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    in response "I can't imagine what was going through your head talking to this woman. I'm sure every ongoing word was one more that sealed Copper's fate. These are the stories we hear about in the rescue world, but usually it's southern states dumping dogs in this manner. Where was he before she...
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    My small family is planning to move back to New Hampshire, currently we live in Ohio. I was taking somethings out to the trash for our downsizing. I turned back to the house and was greeted by an adorable boxer wagging his nub. After checking him for tags I went into the house to get a leash to...
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    Hello Everyone

    I am a first time boxer owner. Copper came into my life last night and thus far is amazing. I am currently living in Ohio but due to move home to NH in less than 2 weeks time. Last night while taking out some trash from down sizing I turned to see an adorable boxer sitting on my stoop. I checked...