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    some dogs are tougher than others to house train.. My 18 month old Lemme was that way.. What happens is everytime he empty's his bladder in the house it really sets his training back.. What I ended up doing was tethering him to my waist every minute he wasn't in his crate.. It worked like a...
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    Treating Ear Infections Holistically?

    Our female boxer seemed to get ear infections once or twice a year.. Ironically she's the only boxer we've ever had with cropped ears, though I can't imagine this has anything to do do with it.. Anyway, after we got her last ear infection cleared up I decided to start mixing in a tablespoon of...
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    Trouble Getting TOTW Canned.

    Here in NJ it's available, and has been for well over a year now, at 2 local stores.. I hope you are able to find it because, at least in our experience, it's been a very nice product.. I mix one can of the pacific stream recipe with 3 cups of the yellow bag of dry (sorry, I forget the recipe...
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    Extremely good hearing??

    My three do it as well.. I suppose it can get a little annoying, but I guarantee no unwanted visitors will be entering our house- so that's a Mine have calmed down with the false alarms over the years..
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    Is this submissive behavior

    I agree with everything Caney Creek posted.. Excellent post! <"It sounds horrible to listen to as Sadi sounds like she is eating her but Halo never shreiks in pain like she's being bitten."> Soon enough you'll be saying "Oh, that's just normal boxer play".. Who knows, might even find...
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    Boy, tell me about it!!!! I'm in discussion with another boxer owner who swears dogs understand language.. This is a good person, and dog owner, but what scares me is the people that aren't good dog owners believing this.. We've all seen them- shouting commands for behaviors they've never taught...
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    Rooo Roooo ROOOOOSTER!

    I looooooooovvvveeee it!!!! One of the best names ever.. That's the spirit.. A fun name, for a fun dog- just the way it ought to be... Life's fun again around your house.. That's so great to hear..
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    Too Much Protein or not?

    Sorry if this was answered ad nausea, I searched and couldn't find anything.. There is so much conflicting information regarding feeding dogs, and puppies in particular.. I have an 8 and a half month old puppy and 2- 4 year old boxers..All healthy (other than my males thyroid).. My two full...
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    nail clippers (Dremel and PediPaw)?

    If you get a chance check out that article posted.. She explains how to avoid the burning.. You're absolutely right- the burning is bad & should be avoided
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    2 Males?

    we always have at least 2 males.. Had 3 for many years.. We currently have 1 adult male, 1 adult female, and one 8 month old male.. All's well.. I personally won't have 2 females- but 2 males is fine for us..
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    nail clippers (Dremel and PediPaw)?

    I found this guide online to the dremel process for dogs' nails.. It appears to be very thorough.. Just curious what you folks that have been using the dremel for awhile thought of it.. Good guide? Not so good? Getting ready to start doing this myself and want to be prepared.. How to Dremel Dog...
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    My boxer won't stop jumping our fence, please help!

    <"I have to young kids and am busy with after school activities"> Everyone's busy- I don't mean that to come off as rude- it's very hard to express tone in the written word, so please don't take it that way.. Boxers need to be around their humans- they're surprisingly easy for their size to...
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    Losing it.

    NateBazooka, Great POST!!!!
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    Saying goodbye to Cooper and Ellie

    Autry is such a beautiful boy!!! Pictures 14-17 of his face are some great pictures.. Love it..
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    Losing it.

    I'm sorry- NILIF is "Nothing in Life IS Free"... Make him "pay" for that play session, or food, or belly rub or praise.. When I say I put him in a "down" I just mean the command.. I usually use down as opposed to "sit" because it's easier for a dog to get into a down from a full speed run...