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  1. My feet are cold.

    My feet are cold.

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    Acclimating your dog to a Gentle Leader (LONG)

    :confused: Will the gentle leader work for puppies? Should I wait until she's bigger :confused: Thanks
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    How do I modify picture size to fit??

    I did It appicon appicon OH My gosh I finally did it!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy you all can see my pretty Brindeeangelicon
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    How do I modify picture size to fit??

    Sometimes I HATE computers I can't get my picture to re-size either.smashicon What am I doing wrong????? Would Love anyones HELP. Thanks :confused:
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    Just what is kidney-beaning?

    Can anyone tell me what that is :confused: I am a new Boxer Mom lovicon Brindee is 11wks old. We're having the same problems that all puppies go through. Potty training :( I know she'll get the hang of it soon. I've read alot of good advice today appicon I'm just wondering what...
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    Urinary Infection

    Hello, My boxer pup Brindee (10 wks old), is having a yellow discharge and she has an odd smell. When I asked the vet she said it was an infection.She was put on Tribrissen 120Mg. It didn't help because it's back even worse than before. Do you have any of the same symptoms?