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    Went to the Vet today!!

    We are wondering, our boxer baby is going to be 7 months on the 13th, he is fixed, and weighs right around 45 pounds right now. Is that big or small for a boxer?? He seems so little to us, probably because his brother Brock (german shepherd) is 8 days younger and weighs 70 pounds already!
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    The BIG BAD lawn mower.......

    Well our brick is the same way, and unfortunately, he bites/leaps at all power tools, and he unfortunately learned the hard way last weekend that the chainsaw hurts. Husband was cutting up the tree in the backyard and Brick just jumped biting at the darn thing, cut up his cute little face a...
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    Just curious...

    We recently had to kick out the brother-in-law who was living with us basically just letting the dogs out after we had been gone to work for about 3 hours, then going to work himself, and then my husband would be home about 3 hours after that, everything was going well, we would leave them out...
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    First Tick of the Year

    Yeah, we went camping for the first time with our pups and have removed probably a total of 10 off of them, and they are on frontline. Brick actually had one embedded even after medication, so not too sure! Just have to keep looking!!
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    the danger of collars

    our little guys only wear collars when we take them outside or in the car. :) they were wearing them all the time, but then after watching them chew on them and drag each other around by them, we decided that obviously wasnt a good idea!
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    Dog Food

    What types of food does everyone feed their boxers??? We were feeding Brick Nutro Natural Max large breed puppy for the first 6 weeks or so but he was throwing up almost every day and had very dry skin and wasn't really gaining much weight, so after reading on a german shepherd forum (our other...
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    How much you spend on dog food?

    Well our little man is right at 5 months old, only weighs 35 pounds, but eats like a horse, about 5 cups a day, just him. We also have a one week younger german shepherd who weighs over 50 pounds already. together, they go through about a 40 lb bag of Canidae every 2-3 weeks, just all depends on...
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    Almost Lost Winston This Weekend (long, sorry)

    how crazy that is. i got home a bit ago and let the boys out in the back yard. well turns out my father and come to my house and came in the garage through the back yard and left the gate open. i had no clue. after 20 minutes of seeing or hearing a boxer or german shepard i go out to get them...
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    Toilet water suddenly a delicacy?

    The water is colder and fresher prolly. thats not to say her bowl of water is not cold or fresh but there is a better chance someone flushed that toilet sooner than you refreshed her water. just a thought hope it helps
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    Poll: ears.

    brick has floppy ears. i think the look meaner cropped and a boxer already looks mean enough if you dont know the breed. he already thinks he is the biggest dog in the world at 28 pounds, no need to make him look mean. he scares people already the way he runs at them. but he just wants to give...
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    Zap Ball

    can someone please give me a website to find a zap ball and babble ball? they sound fun
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    If you EVER kick my dog again you WILL regret it (longish)

    i also would not call them. i agree with everyone else. i was tought you get what you give. so i am saying you are a better person than i cause i would have slapped that little girl. turned her right over my knee. you never are to big to be spanked. specially when you hit somethin that has done...
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    I've gotta new baby!

    how do your reply to that. poor baby. i just hope he has the heart my brick does and if he does then i know he can recover from what the did to him. bless your heart for taking in that poor poor dog and may you suceed in earning all his love and trust. good bless you
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    remote controls

    brick dont care to change the channel or turn the tv on off. i wish he did. he is way more interested in biting the buttons. if he could turn on the tv like you pup maybe him and his brother would not get into so much trouble lol.
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    My Miracle baby

    what as beautiful pup. congrats