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    Awesome Video!

    Loved this!!! I think Xander enjoyed it too. He watched the whole thing while laying on the couch licking my elbow <3
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    Xander - a boxer mix shelter baby :-)

    Yes, he still isn't convinced that a collar is such a great idea. He looks like he has neurological problems sometimes trying to get "that thing" off :-).
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    New pics of Zeva

    Too cute for words!
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    Xander - a boxer mix shelter baby :-)

    Thanks everyone! I just love him to pieces. He & Spike are all ready best buds and Xander adores my 4 1/2 year old son. He's a perfect fit for us!
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    Bentley turns 1!

    Happy Birthday Bentley!!
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    Xander - a boxer mix shelter baby :-)

    Found this swwwweeeettttt boy at our local shelter, and was smitten! He is just such a great little guy already!
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    Welcome Home Dash

    Dash is just beautiful & great photography too!!
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    Best flooring options with Boxers

    Another vote for laminate here! We have laminate in pretty much every room. We have the brand from Sam's Club. It is actually manufactured by Pergo. We bought some at Sam's and ordered another color for the master online from Sam's. The product actually shipped straight to us from Pergo...
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    Neighbors are trying to give me a boxer pup.

    I am fostering for a group that supports our local humane society. We are a sort of go between for rescues out of state. For example, my foster had to be quarantined outside of the shelter for 10 days prior to being transfered to a rescue in Connecticut. Our goal is to get shelter dogs into...
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    Neighbors are trying to give me a boxer pup.

    Yesterday I was outside and my neighbor approached me about the dog we have been fostering until Friday. She says she wished that she knew that we were getting another dog. I explained she is only a foster until Friday. Apparently my neighbors aunt passed away, leaving behind a 6 month old...
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    Very light colored fawn

    Cute! Our Spikers is very light tan, but we think he is somehow a boxer/pug mix, as he is more like the pug fawn color. He is all boxer attitude and behavior though :-)
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    Thora vs. Zombie Bob

    I just love her bouncing on her front feet. so cute!
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    baby pics :)

    Beautiful Girlie! Just precious! Congrats!
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    Tucker and Molly

    Adorable! Love pic #2!
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    Are we insane? From 2 to 3 Boxers :)

    Congrats on the new addition! I don't know if its crazy or not, but I would like to find out! We have a 12 yo cocker, a 9 month old boxer mix, and a 3 1/2 yo son. There is a beautiful young flashy brindle boy at our local shelter who I would love to adopt. My husband the vet, has a 2 dog...