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    Hey...I'm back!!

    Time flies! Life gets so busy...anyway...I thought it had only been a half year (maybe less) since I was on last, was actually November 2010 when I last logged on. Oh boy! Just wanted to touch base with those that remember me and say a big HELLO! Also...we have puppy news at our...
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    Possible boxer #2

    Congratulations on Jaxon. Pictures look great. I used to foster boxers. He will settle down soon. Sounds like he's already doing quite well. Beth
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    Kennel Cough / Canine Influenza

    You're right. (Just like with our kids...) Thanks.
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    R.I.P. Nicki, you are so deeply missed

    I'm so sorry for your loss of Nicki. It saddens my heart as if she were my own. May she run free and healthy at the bridge now. Beth
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    Lennox is here

    Congratulations on bringing your new little guy home! Love his name too! Can't wait to see some pictures.
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    Kennel Cough / Canine Influenza

    I called my vet and he wanted me to bring Buster in, which I did last night. He said he could hear some raspy sounds in his lungs, which sounded like bronchitis (but said KC and canine influenza all sound similar). The manufacturer of the vaccine apparently agreed to test nasal samples from...
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    Kennel Cough / Canine Influenza

    That's actually quite funny....and true! Thanks for pointing it out! :)
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    Kennel Cough / Canine Influenza

    Thanks Meghan. I was reading about KC online today and when symptoms usually appear and what to look for. Unfortunately, my vet didn't mention anything about keeping him away from other dogs after getting his bordatella vaccine a couple weeks ago. I never thought twice about it. My vet wants me...
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    For now, I would keep watching her closely. Little by little, give her more freedom, but definitely keep praising her for doing the "deed" outside. If she does have an accident inside, it helps to simply scoop her up and take her back outside than making a big deal about it (scolding, screaming...
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    Kennel Cough / Canine Influenza

    OK....I think Buster has either kennel cough or canine influenza. None of my dogs have ever had any of these before, ever. Buster received his vaccination for kennel cough (along with other vacs) on Saturday, October 30th. For the first time ever, I took him to our local dog park on...
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    Buster ate Halloween candy!

    Thank heavens NOS is ok after all that. Jeez! What a scare...far more serious than what I dealt with in Buster. Like you said, it gives us a wake up call to be much more careful.
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    Buster ate Halloween candy!

    Oh boy....there's nothing like getting a phone call at work from your son (who got home first from school) to say "chocolate's bad for dogs, right?" Buster had gotten to my youngest son's Halloween candy. My son left it on his floor (oops) or should I say ARGH. My son found about 20-30 wrappers...
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    I'm on the wait list for a boxer pup!

    Thanks all! It is exciting!!! This may sound crazy, but I really want a fawn am just hoping the litter produces one (and I'm far enough up on the list to get which pup I want). Of course, other factors will come into play as well. I want a well rounded socialized pup that will mesh...
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    Update..Please post weight and age of your dog

    WOW....I have to say, some of these boxers weigh quite a bit and haven't reached a year yet! Buster is 2 1/2 and weighs 67 lbs.
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    home at 8 weeks or 12?

    I wouldn't worry at all about getting a 12 week old pup. Any good breeder is going to be socializing the pup and spending lots of time with it. The breeder I got Buster from just recently decided between two of her female pups and has one now available again and she's 16 weeks old. I say go for...