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    What are your boxers afraid of?

    Scared of semi trucks, cats, feet, storms, & anything too loud! We adopted Karlee at 6 yrs old, so don't know the root cause of her many phobias. My Karlee is afraid of semi trucks. When driving down the road, she will be relaxing in her seat. When we begin to pass a truck, she sits up...
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    Using California Natural Lamb & Rice. Does she need a fiber supplement?

    Karlee is a 6 yr old whom we adopted early in March. ( 4 weeks tomorrow! :D) The shelter fed her Science Diet, which she apparently didn't like. ( She lost 10 lbs while at the shelter, but being nervous and mourning her former family no doubt played a part in the weight loss.) We bought her...
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    such a sad face!

    FIRST, THE HISTORY - (IT LEADS UP TO WHY WE GOT OUR PRETTY BOXER) In December, we moved from an area that didn't allow dogs (the nerve of some people! LOL) to a piece of land with acreage around us, with only one neighbor that we can see from the house, (and once the trees grow in, we won't...
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    New to Boxerworld!

    Greetings from Tennessee, USA! My husband and I recently adopted Karlee, a 6 yr old female, beautiful brindle. She is our first boxer. According to the animal shelter, her previous family had a health situation that did not permit them to keep her. Tomorrow will make 3 weeks for us! We...