yes!!! can't you see I'm busy chewing!!

yes!!! can't you see I'm busy chewing!!

Harley gives me this exact look. Did you try the ear taping after all?
Ya! actually I started taping them Monday night and he didn't seem to mind it at all which was great!. I left the tape on for almost 24hrs and then left it off for 24 hrs. I think I'm going to follow that for about 4 days, that's 4 days with tape and then see how they do. There looking a lot better. Thanks for all the advice and refrences it helped out a lot and so did Harley picture. They look so funny! with their little pig tails!!

P.S. Too funny that they both have that same look......its so cute!! you have to lol.....the worst is when Church gets in trouble he'll try this look and I can't help, but laugh!!!

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