Was that important??

Was that important??

Oh dont worry, he wont tear up that manual. Leave it right there.
Chaos has stopped getting into things, he is a a year old now an well behaved, but when he was still a pup he also dragged a recliner across the room and tore the foot rest up tryin to get his toy unstuck!! at least he had a good reason.
This is the worst mess I ever seen! So funny when it's not yours!!! lol! Peneloppe was a very nice puppy, but a big paper eater too. She ate the covers of my breeds encyclopedia, so when someone ask for it, I'd like to think the chewed covers will make them think twice about getting a puppy!!! LOL!
I feal your pain!! And the worst part is that you have to pick it all up by hand!! No vacuum is going to suck that up!
i know that sight... our phonebook looked the same way when jasper got ahold of it...:)
Thats too funny lol! We always give Rufus and Elsa boxes and things to rip up in the back yard so we just have to brush it up and put it in the bin and they get fun out of doing it they could play for hours lol.
i love that the other dog is just looking like "i had NOTHING to do with this". and we all know, even with 2 dogs there, the boxer is the one that did it. ;P
Oh that's real nice lol! my boy ripped up so much paper it was crazy.That's when he strted sleeping in a crate lol. he got a book i had just read 2 pages of and my glasses! I think dogs secretly think it's funny when they do it too.

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