spring sun
Your Boxer is soooooo adorable, one of the best looking I have ever seen. You must be so Proud to have her.
Gotta be one of the closest things I have seen to a black boxer! He's striking! :) And yes, you must be very proud, like we all are of our babies ^_^
She is absolutely beautiful!!!
I can't get over how similar she looks to my pup Coal.
Absoltuely stunning!!!
As I said earlier, this is an amazingly beautiful dog! This photo of the dog looks absolutely majestic, and shows of the definitve characteristics in the breed! Iam going to be a Boxer owner in the near future, and this dog here, had helped me decide which color of the breed I'd like to have. What a majestic dog!
WOW i know it's a "reverse brindle" but they look SWEET in black! never saw one like that before!

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Brindle Boxers
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