Spoiled pure rotten!!
debbie knowles

Spoiled pure rotten!!

One evening I was lying on the couch watching TV and got up to go get a re-fill on my Mt. Dew and this is what I found when I came back to re-claim MY spot on the couch!!
Teach You!!! (lol) Bet ya didn't move'em off either!! (lol) Super cute picture and so "boxerish"
Naw...didn't have the heart to move them..they just looked toooo sweet.Just grabbed the camera, snapped the pic and went to the rocking chair!!
aaaawwwwww! They look like little angels! Makes we want to go home to mine! Who needs to work!
Great picture Deb:):):) At least I only have one so I still get left enough room to sit but Nino certainly gets the lion's share of everything around my house. This is what you can truly call a Kodak moment.
this is just so cute!!!! Are they pretending to be sleeping so loudly and deeply?? That's what Krose does so I wouldn't bother him:) LOL

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