Out for a stroll and feeling mighty fine.
Has Scooby had any offspring that were shown and became Champions? He seems little... Is he? What is his weight and age. A "good" (stated by the standards) show dog is 60 to 80 lbs for a male. Not that I care about the stuff, it is just that Scamp has Scooby's demener and stance. Maybe only boxer style...............
Good morning! :) Actually, one of the pups in Scooby's last litter is being shown. At 8 months of age he has earned his first point towards the Champion status! Scooby weighs a little over 80 pounds and is very fit. He has a wonderful temperament too. If I would get down to his level and take a pic or stand next to him and have one taken you would be able to see more of what size actually is. I believe that Scamp would do well in the show ring too! :) Have a great day!! :)
Oops! Missed part of the ?'s. Scooby is 4 years of age now and he is not small by any means. :) Part of his size comes from what some people refer to as "German" breeding.
German breeding? Hihi, I knew there was something familiar about him... lovely :)
:) Thank you very much. We think he is beautiful, his personality and temperament make him very special.

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