Remy Show his Serious Side

Remy Show his Serious Side

Remy shows his displeasure at the gifts he has received for St. Swibbins Day (celebrating the Freedonian Feast of All Fry Cooks.) He had specifically asked for a Nintendo DS (to play "Nintendogs") and 15 kg of vegetable shortening.

He later showed further displeasure by drinking all of the OJ in the fridge and watching 12 straight hours of "Saved by the Bell."
priceless photo.. Remey even if you didn't get your Nintendo ds I hope you had a nice St Swibbins day.. I know your photo will bring lots of smiles to BW members because you're so cute
My Rocky boy makes those same faces. He even does "Elivis lip" (one side up). I love this picture!!!
This has got to be one of the funniest but still adorable pictures I have ever seen! I love it.

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